famous engineers who changed the world

Famous Engineers: The 10 Who Changed The World

Naming just 10 of the countless engineers that have had enormous impacts on the world as we know it can be quite difficult. Over the last 100-200 years especially, there have been major advances in technology in all engineering disciplines. Think about it, from the car you drive to work,

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PTC Creo
3D CAD software

What is PTC Creo

What is PTC Creo? PTC Creo, which is shorthand for Creo Parametric,

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Cambridge: Top Mechanical Design Consultancies

GW Mechanical GW Mechanical consultancy was established only in 2019, but undoubtedly is one of the best in Cambridge. Its founder, Gareth Weeks, a mechanical design engineer with over 25 years of experience in

Troubleshooting Tips for SolidWorks Electrical 3D

SolidWorks Electrical 3D is a useful add-in that bridges electrical design with mechanical design. It provides additional tools and functions specifically for electro-mechanical projects. This helps designers to plan routing locations and paths in

3D Printing Software overview

Effectively implementing 3D printing in a production environment requires software tools for design, simulation, pre-processing, distribution, manufacturing, inspection, and quality. Printer manufacturers (OEMs) provide software with their printers, but it often does not include

Scientists have demonstrated a prototype nuclear battery that relies on a fundamentally different mechanism to produce energy: Radioactivity

Nuclear Micro Batteries run for decades

Scientists have demonstrated a prototype nuclear battery that relies on a fundamentally different mechanism to produce energy: Radioactivity. In a typical setup, a copper cantilever hangs freely over a radioactive sample. The cantilever is

SolidWorks CAM 2.5 Axis Features Explained

SolidWorks CAM, powered by CAMWorks, is a software add-in that integrates design and manufacturing into one program. With SolidWorks CAM, you can easily prepare your designs to be machined on a 2.5 Axis Mill.


Mollier diagram water steam

Mollier Diagram – A Basic Guide

Most engineering installations and equipment are subjected to (and designed to withstand) a variety of atmospheric conditions and over a wide range of temperature, pressure, humidity and other related factors. But how do these

The cardiosurgeon demonstrates the heart printed on a 3d printer

3D Printing in Surgery

Surgical interventions are now relying more and more on 3D printing to gain a deeper insight into complex operations and devise surgical interventions. All the while AM is becoming cheaper and more accessible, assisting

What is Parylene coating and when should you use it?

Deciding on the ideal coating for your engineering application is always a very difficult task, you need to decide on chemical, process, mechanical and component compatibility. Some coatings are not ideal for specific applications.

Pressure meters on natural gas pipeline

The Venturi Effect explained

The Venturi Effect was discovered by Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi who lived between 1746 and 1822. In practice there were a number of other physicists who were involved in the Venturi Effect but

plane panel

Metrology – a mechanical engineer’s guide

The act of measuring has become an important part of our everyday lives. The need to measure and standardise has developed into the science of metrology. It has become an indispensable tool in the

HALT testing

HALT Testing (Highly Accelerated Life Testing)

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) refers to a reliability testing technique that aims to expose the weaknesses of a product. The main objective is to expose the product to incremental stresses, in order to

Watt's law formula: P=IV, where I=current, P=power, V=voltage

What is Watt’s law?

In the study of electronics, many laws and theories exist. These laws enable us to understand the workings of electric circuits and components. One such law is Watt’s law. Watt’s law is named after

What is Burnishing and what is it used for?

Burnishing is the process of rubbing metal with a small hard tool, which can be either a ball type or roller type, to compact the surface. It is a very useful finishing technique which


What is Electroforming and where is it used?

The best way to describe electroforming is a metal forming process used to manufacture parts using electrolyte deposition onto a model. In the manufacturing industry this model is known as a mandrel. It is

Thermoforming process

What is Thermoforming and what is it used for?

Thermoforming is a plastic manufacturing process where a thermoplastic sheet is deformed into a specific shape. The process starts with the heating of a flat plate like sheet of plastic which is then manipulated

shot blasting machine

A Guide to Shot Blasting / Shot Peening

Shot peening (also known as shot blasting) is a surface conditioning process carried out after various manufacturing processes. In simple terms it increases/improves the surface finish. Shot peening is done with the help of



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