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Please help more people find us by adding a link to EngineeringClicks on your blog, webpage or website. Below are a … »

will robotics outclass humans?

Will Robotics Outclass Humans?

As the field of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to accelerate, the concept of intelligent robotics is far closer than ever … »


Electric Aircraft: the Sun-Flyer

Electric Aircraft gives Flight This innovation may have a huge effect on the world of aviation, by massively reducing the … »

design is art

Design is art!

Before we begin to consider whether design is art let us look at the various definitions of art from the … »

Human Tangents series. Design made of human lines and graphic elements to serve as backdrop for projects related to Math, Nature, Universe and human existence

Is design a form of science?

Is it really such an important question? It is important because it affects the way we define ourselves, the way … »

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