25 Cool Gifts for Engineers: Mechanical, Electrical, and Just Fun!

  • Engineers can be some of the hardest professionals to buy gifts for
  • Their particular skill sets can make finding suitable gifts tricky
  • Browse out list of scientific and techy gifts suitable for all engineers!

We have compiled a list of 25 gifts for engineers, including graduation gifts, gifts for mechanical engineers and general engineer gifts. Most engineers will find them useful, no matter if they have just graduated college, have worked in the engineering field for years, or just have a general interest in engineering. We hope that you will be able to find the perfect gift for the engineer in your life. Happy shopping!

10 things i learnt in engineering school book

1. 101 Things I Learned In Engineering School

This book from John Kuprenas is a unique take on the various fields of engineering, presenting real-life examples from his experience and exploring various questions like: Why do cars want to fly? And Why shouldn’t soldiers march across a bridge? Even the most experienced engineers can learn something new here! This would make a perfect graduation present!


2. Engineering Nutritional Facts Mug

The hard working engineer in your life will most likely be consuming quite a bit of their favorite hot beverage (probably coffee), so why not put a smile on their face when they reach for their cup? It features all of the important ingredients that make them the engineer they are! Great graduation gift and also one of the coolest  and useful gifts for engineers!

davinci-catapult-kit3. Da Vinci’s DIY Construction Kit

One engineer’s name that is recognised all over the world is Leonardo Da Vinci. He was a very progressive inventor and created some wondrous contraptions that were way before his time. This DIY kit from National Geographic gives the user the ability to build their own Da Vinci creation and challenge their brain!


4. Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

One of the easiest ways to let your imagination run wild is with Raspberry Pi. This starter kit allows its users to program their own mini-computer to do whatever they please. This will challenge the minds of engineers of all ages and will be hours of fun!


5. V8 Model Engine

Everyone should know how an engine generally works, regardless of them being an engineer or not. Engineers especially should know how engines create power, and this nifty V8 model engine will allow them to build it using the provided pieces and watch their engine run.


6. Robotic Arm Toy

It is a dream of the future that one day man can wield a robotic arm. Engineers these days work their own robotic arms for various purposes, so buying the engineer in your life a robotic arm is a no-brainer! It is relatively easy to assemble, affordable and it will be sure to come in handy!


7.Tesla Patent Prints

Nikola Tesla is now one of the most famous engineers of all time due to the car company Tesla. He is known for his work in electrical engineering, creating numerous energy creating contraptions. These high-quality prints of some of his original patents will be sure to wow your favorite engineer.


8. She Engineers Book

The number of female engineers in the engineering industry are growing every year, but there is still a big gap between the number of men and women in engineering. This book can help the female engineer in your life with motivation and will help them to create the career of their dreams.


9. Screwdriver Pen Multi-Tool Kit

It is safe to say that every engineer uses a pen at some stage, but what else can they do with that pen other than chew it? Probably not much. This great gadget includes a screwdriver, stylus, ruler and spirit level and might be perfect for the forgetful engineer!


10. Marble Mechanical Kit

This challenging marble mechanical kit can entertain them for hours, it is a creative and unique puzzle that will certainly be right up any engineer’s alley. It comes with everything you need to build a roller coaster for the marble, and will teach them loads about mechanical engineering.


11. Aviator Safety Glasses

Make sure that the engineer in your life is always looking stylish with these aviator safety glasses. They are coated with tough, scratch resistant material to ensure they are tough wearing for various applications. The side shields also provide top level protection from any dust or shrapnel that can damage the eyes.


12. 3D Printing Pen

This 3D printing pen is exactly what it sounds like, a pen that will allow the user to draw in 3D. Cool huh? It is safe for kids and adults to use alike, and the only limitation is the user’s imagination. This is a perfect gift for anyone, but in particular for engineers.


13. Beer Making Kit

Put their engineering mind towards the really important things in life, making craft beer! They will learn from beginning to end the entire process of making beer. The satisfaction they will experience when they are relaxing drinking a beer that they made from scratch will be unmatched.


14. Flashlight Gloves

If your engineer is always working on something with their hands, these may be the perfect gift for them! Whether they work on cars in tight spots, or work from dusk til dawn these will ensure that they can see what they are working on at all times. They also make people look like superheroes which is also quite cool.


15. Galileo Thermometer

This is the perfect temperature reading instrument for an engineer. Complicated, hard to understand and confusing to look at, perfect! This invention from Galileo is based on the various liquids inside the thermometer rising and falling due to the change in temperature.


16. 14-in-1 Multi-Purpose Tool

All engineers should possess a multi-tool at all times. This particular model is able to cram 14 different functions into one tool, which makes it very convenient to carry around. Small repairs should be a breeze with this tool, which adds a stealthy black exterior for the extra cool factor.


17. 4M Doodling Robot

Suitable for the young engineers out there, this simple robot will be sure to entertain for hours. The robot will need to be assembled first and then the magic happens. An artistic robot that will draw all on its own.


18. Rocket Launch Set

Prepare to be ducking out of the way of flying rockets in your house! This high-flying gift gives the engineer everything they need to coordinate their own rocket launch. They will learn how rockets work, and everything that goes into a successful launch.


19. FlashForge 3D Printer

Engineers and 3D printers go hand in hand. 3D printers are a great gift for engineers, and pretty much everyone else as well! It can be connected by USB or WiFi, and has a compact shape and size which make it perfect for creating small parts. Keep in mind, this is more a toy than a commercial tool.


20. 3Dconnexion Spacemouse

This compact and useful “mouse” will give any engineer tons of extra functionality when used in their regular set-up. The Spacemouse is designed to be used as a secondary mouse and allows the user to travel in six different directions in CAD (Computer Aided Design). Perfect for the engineer who loves to design.


21. Soldering Iron Kit

Mechanical engineers are known to use soldering kits on a very regular basis. It is one of their go-to tools and this kit includes a soldering iron and all the accessory tools that go with it. It is perfect for those who need a soldering iron at home, or want to learn how to solder.


22. Chemistry Shot Glasses

Surprise your engineer with a set of these cute chemistry shot glasses. This novelty will be sure to come out around parties and holidays. Believe us, it does not make the shot easier to drink!


23. Floppy Disk Notebook

This novelty notebook is sure to get a laugh out of any engineer. Floppy disks are now dinosaurs of the computer world, but will always live on in engineer’s and geek’s hearts through nostalgia. This is a fun gift for the techy engineer.


24. Wooden Wall Clock with Planetary Gears Design

The clock has always been associated with engineering due to the number of gears that are included in its design. These wooden wall clocks can come in many shapes and sizes, and can bring a whole new look to any room you choose to hang it in.


25. Engineering Cheat Sheet T Shirt

Now we would never tell you to cheat on a test, but this cheat sheet tshirt can be helpful for those who need little reminders of some engineering concepts. Wear this and never be mistaken for someone who works in any other industry other than engineering!

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