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Circular Bridge Design

A circle was designed in this bridge for two very specific reasons, to slow down traffic and to allow motorists to enjoy the magnificent scenery

Video of the Day: Millennium Bridge Disaster

Sometimes engineers underestimate the power of resonance and positive feedback phenomena, when a small disturbance is exacerbrated through the feedback loop, resulting in a disaster.A

wheatbridge diagram and formula

Wheatstone Bridge

A Wheatstone bridge is a special type of electrical circuit that is used to accurately measure the unknown resistance of a component. It was also

Tower bridge in London

Top 25 Most Famous Bridges in the World

While suspension bridges tend to grab the headlines there are actually seven basic types of bridges. These are beam, truss, cantilever, arch, suspension, cable stayed


Unbelievable Greek Inventions

Do you know that many ancient Greek inventions are still used to this very day? Some of them will suprrise you. It is common knowledge

How to Design a Steel Column - supports

How to Design a Steel Column

Steel columns and beams are the building blocks of most major commercial construction these days. Therefore, knowing how to design a steel column is one

history of 3D printing

The History of 3D Printing

3D printing, which is technically referred to as Additive Manufacturing (AM), is all the rage in the manufacturing industry these days. Therefore, we decided to

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