Electric Aircraft: the Sun-Flyer

  • In recent years the technology and market around electric vehicles has continued to grow
  • While they have shorter ranges and require recharging electric vehicles have been proven incredibly cost effective
  • The Sun Flyer is a great example of how electric engines might be used to provide more economical travel

Electric Aircraft gives Flight

This innovation may have a huge effect on the world of aviation, by massively reducing the cost of flight time and reducing repair costs. George Bye, the creator of the Sun Flyer stated that “an electric power plant with effectively one moving part should also have dramatically lower maintenance costs than a traditional, gasoline-powered engine of more than 1,000 components.”

Electric aircraft
The all-electric aircraft. Photo credit to AEAC @ Sunflyer.com

New Generation of Pilots

Reduced costs will also be passed on to aviation enthusiasts who would like to learn to fly. Costs for an hour of flight in the Sun Flyer could be as low as $1, which is pennies in comparison for an hour of flight in a traditional aircraft which is typically around $100, plus the cost of instruction. In some areas the cost of flight has risen to upwards of $200 per hour in fact! While the Sun Flyer carries an estimated price tag of $300,000 it will not be a small investment for flight schools, but could open doors for a great deal of new pilots to be trained. This two seater plane hopes to bring many aviation enthusiasts to the clouds for instruction and entertainment.

George Bye has stated that he hopes this aircraft will be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. Which he believes will happen within the next three years.



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