Curtis Obert

Curtis Obert EIT, MEM is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University, with a passion for design and process improvements. He was first a Polymer Engineer who loves understanding how engineering and people management works into the business as a whole. He spends his free time hiking, cooking, and restoring antique firearms.

Unique Engineering Materials

4 Unique Engineering Materials you have never heard of

Metals, plastic, ceramics, and composites are used by engineers every day. We all know common properties like; metals are strong but heavy, plastics are lighter and ceramics can shatter. But mechanical and material engineers have been developing new engineering materials to solve problems with amazing ingenuity. New designs are born from biomimicry, experimentation and sometimes …

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weird 3D printing

6 Extremely Weird 3D Printing Applications

Previously we discussed 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing and how it works in the aerospace industry. In these articles, we learned that some of the benefits of additive manufacturing are the ability to produce complex shapes quickly and at a low cost. In this process, a design is created using a 3D modeling program, where the …

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The Internet of Things – and how it applies to manufacturing

In the past couple of years, the term “Internet of Things” (IoT) emerged in the manufacturing world and has also been embraced by consumer and municipal markets. Generally, the term IoT refers to any series of connected network of devices, machines, vehicles, or buildings – embedded with sensors and controllers to collect data and affect …

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venturimeter cutaway

Venturimeter – Engineering Explained

In this article, we will explore an interesting engineering concept and learn about the calculations which explain its effects. We will study is the ‘Venturi Effect’ and how a Venturimeter can be used, to understand some core fluid mechanics concepts. A Venturimeter or current meter is used to calculate the change in flow rate through …

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bendable smartphone

Bendable Smartphone and Smartwatch – Advancing Innovation

Bendable Smartphone Moxi Group, a small startup based in Chongqing, China is hoping to upset current smartphone technologies with their release of the first bendable smartphone. This year Moxi hopes to disrupt the Android and iPhone markets by shipping around 100,000 units of their new flexible technology. Current shortcomings The ability to bend and reshape …

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A Mechanical Designer’s Quick Guide to Adhesives

Every designer or engineer, no matter their background or industry, has at some point run into the critical question, “How can I stick this thing to that thing?” Every industry has its own unique challenges and best practices for adhering components; from bonding labels to beer bottles to combing circuit board wafers to joining medical …

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Managing Automation Intelligence

As automation continues to enter into manufacturing plants, on both the operation and machining sides, it is important to understand how education will impact the workforce. A shortage of critical skilled labour is not new to the manufacturing industry. What is new however, is the continuing advancement of manufacturing technology. This development causes a need …

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Additive or Subtractive Manufacturing?

Before prototyping or manufacturing a product, it is important to consider all the different manufacturing processes which are available, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each. As a designer it is your goal to understand how you can utilize these different tools when creating new projects. When choosing between additive or subtractive manufacturing processes, it …

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Dyson Supersonic

The Dyson Supersonic …bladelessly blowing you away

How do you create a new design to revolutionize and change the technology around an every-day device? A technology that hasn’t had fundamental changes in decades? The Dyson Supersonic strives to blow away the competition with their new innovative design. The design engineer James Dyson (and Dyson Company) are known for their work re-engineering everyday …

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Personal Delivery Robot – Starship Technologies

Your delivery man might soon be a cutting-edge intelligent robot trundling down the street on six-wheels. In early 2015 Starship Technologies launched an autonomous delivery robot, designed to deliver groceries and goods to consumers in Greenwich, London at the cost of only £1 per delivery. These all-electric robots are capable of traversing urban environments, including …

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