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neurotic mechanical engineer

Are mechanical engineers neurotic?

Do you lie awake at night sweating over mechanical designs, running calculations through your head, unable to turn off the invasive thoughts of Newtonian physics? Chances are you’re a neurotic mechanical engineer. Neurosis is a state of being unbalanced, overly anxious, possibly deranged. But, surely this can’t apply to your average mechanical engineer can it? …

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convert pdf to dwg free

Convert PDF to DWG – the definitive guide

DWG (drawing) files are most commonly used when working on furniture drawings, house and building architecture, and of course mechanical and industrial components. As more dimensional data, components and design features are added to a drawing, the saved DWG file format becomes too large and heavy for emailing. Therefore, it’s useful to convert it into …

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Alternative websites to matweb

MatWeb – Top 6 Alternative Websites

Material scientists and engineers rely on good quality and reliable information provided via the internet. Gone are the days of huge compendiums of material data sheets, library shelves straining under the weight of materials handbooks, and encyclopedias. Matweb has become established as one of the main go-to places for scientists and engineers when they want to …

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5 Absolutely Mental Manufacturing Processes

What you’re about to witness is a roundup of some absolutely mental manufacturing techniques that are insanely interesting, and just a little bit wacky. Some will make you awe-struck at their ingenuity, some will make you question everything you know, and at least one will make you ask ‘what’s the point?’ Well, the point is …

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Vickers Hardness Test: What it is and how it’s measured

How often have you wondered if a material you need for your project is hard enough for its intended purpose? Hardness is a critical property for many applications. Fortunately, there is a relatively easy method to measure the hardness of materials, called the Vickers Hardness test. According to the Metals Handbook, hardness is defined as …

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