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Chief clicker of engineeringclicks.com, Gareth holds a BSc (Hons) in Product Design, followed by an MPhil in Engineering. 20+ years in consumer products, bio-science, telecoms industries. Likes electric guitar, piano, sci-fi and horror, designing stuff, listening to and lifting heavy metal (not necessarily at the same time)

mechanical engineering mistakes

3 More Really Obvious Mechanical Engineering Mistakes You Must Avoid

A few weeks ago we revealed 3 silly mechanical design mistakes that you must avoid. Good news – here are 3 more for you! Not everything about mechanical design can possibly taught at university, especially real-world experience. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my time and here are 3 classic mechanical engineering mistakes you can learn …

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I made some mechanical design mistakes

3 Silly Mechanical Design Mistakes To Avoid

One of the silliest mechanical design mistakes I made was to mis-position a PCB supporting feature on an injection moulding by around 3mm. Despite this humungous error, it still provided just enough support and the product miraculously passed its drop test. Engineering by luck! I made this error when I was a graduate trainee, and …

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laser beam machining

Laser Beam Machining (LBM)

Laser Beam Machining: A coherent beam of monochromatic light is focused on the workpiece causing material removal by vaporisation. Machines are generally CAD/CAM compatible, with 3-axis and 5-axis machines being generally available. Profile creation of sheet metal parts is the most common applications, but it is also possible to drill holes and create blind features …

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wire edm

Wire EDM (Wire Electro Discharge Machining)

Wire EDM (Wire Electro Discharge Machining, or WEDM) involves a continuously spooling conductive wire (the most widely used is brass). A power supply generates rapid electric pulses that create a discharge between the workpiece and electrode (the wire). The discharge causes the melting, and probably the vaporisation, of a minute piece of material, slowly eating into …

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