Yuvraj Domun

First class BEng (hons) in Aeronautical Engineering, followed by an MSc in Aerospace Dynamics from the University of Cranfield. Yuvraj is current doing a PhD in the field of control engineering.

What is Control Engineering?

Control Engineering is a branch of engineering that artificially modifies a system to ensure a desired behavior. A system can be mechanical, fluid, chemical, financial or even biological. Control engineering is a very broad discipline and is used in all fields of engineering. Control systems can be found all around us, from your water kettle …

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Mercedes aerodynamics basics

Aerodynamics Basics – Know the fundamentals

Have you ever wondered why cars have spoilers or why your hand ‘floats’ when you hang it out the window of a moving car? These mysterious interactions between objects and air have long been studied and are known collectively as aerodynamics. What is aerodynamics? The term aerodynamics comes from two words: aero (air) and dynamics. …

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