10 Best Engineering Shows on TV, Netflix, Amazon and YouTube

  • Engineers can be hard to please with TV shows, however there are plenty of options out there
  • They can choose between documentaries, biographies of famous engineers or fictional TV shows
  • It is the aim of a lot of engineering-friendly TV shows to teach and to entertain at the same time

In this article we will look at some well-known and some obscure, but nontheless brilliant Engineering Shows you can watch right now!

  1. How It’s Made
  2. Top Gear/The Grand Tour
  3. Extreme Engineering
  4. Mythbusters
  5. Impossible Engineering
  6. Silicon Valley
  7. The Big Bang Theory
  8. Tesla: Master of Lightning
  9. Egypt: Engineering an Empire
  10. MacGyver

Admit it, us engineers can be quite picky when it comes to what we want to watch. Yes, there are exceptions but generally mechanical engineers are not going to be watching a period drama like Bridgerton, or the run of the mill shows that just seem to “exist” on TV or the internet. To win over a mechanical engineer, the show must be unique, logical and have a must-watch factor!

This translates across all genres of shows, you must have a level of sophistication and technicality to attract an engineer. So, what shows fit this criteria? Quite a few, actually! Let’s go through some options that we think engineers will love, and truly enjoy. Let us know if you would watch them!

1.   How It’s Made

The clue to this show is in the name. “How It’s Made” is centred around detailing how the regular things that we use every day are made. Yes this sounds boring. I can assure it definitely isn’t! Your jaw will drop when you find out how the most boring of items are created, items like a paper clip undergo multiple mechanical processes to be made. It is still an active TV show, and can also be found on YouTube.


2.   Top Gear/The Grand Tour

Top Gear. Source: Amazon
Grand Tour. Source: Amazon

We will admit, not all engineers are into cars. Some don’t think twice about the machine that transports them to and from work everyday, and that’s okay. Top Gear and The Grand Tour are so much more than just car shows, they provide entertainment centered around automobiles and the lifestyle and entertainment you can have with them. Jeremy Clarkson is the man behind both of these shows, and not only will you learn about the coolest vehicles in the world, you will be laughing while learning!

3.   Extreme Engineering

Source: Amazon

Again you may be able guess what the theme of this show is by the name. Engineers worldwide have grown to love this program for its large-scale construction projects and assembly of huge machines. It has stopped making new shows, but fortunately there are 75 great episodes to find on YouTube and other sources to enjoy. Some of the projects include the Dernier dam, Ada Bridge and more!

4.   Mythbusters

Everyone has heard a myth that seems like it cannot possibly be true, unfathomable! Well testing these improbable myths is what mythbusters is all about. Even the most ridiculous myths were challenged by the crew, and they would prove either to be true or, (more often than not) absolutely false. This inquisitive, creative show is sure to interest engineers, and pretty much everyone else!


5.   Impossible Engineering

Do not believe this title! We engineers know that everything is possible once you put your mind to it, right!? This is what “Impossible Engineering” is based around, making things that seem impossible, possible.

Similar to Extreme Engineering, the episodes include monstrous machines and structures that boggle the mind. They have also done a great job at keeping the show modern by delving into new inventions and innovations, architecture and vehicles. It is also aimed at educating the viewer as it dissects the projects in detail in an easy-to-understand manner.


6.   Silicon Valley

Source: Amazon

It is not every day that you find a TV series that is centred around programmers, as it is naturally not a very entertaining profession. Somehow, the HBO makes a hilariously entertaining show about six programmers trying to hit the big time in Silicon Valley. It has gained recognition due to its sheer entertainment factor, and engineers will definitely relate to the engineers in the show!

7.   The Big Bang Theory

Source: Wikipedia

The Big Bang Theory is probably the most well-known show on this list. It continues the theme of geeks, nerds and engineers being the star of the show. It is based on the lives of physicists, an astrologist and an engineer. One funny aspect of the show is how Howard (the engineer) is ridiculed constantly for only having a masters degree in engineering (from MIT!), as all the rest of the characters have PhDs. A must watch for all engineers and scientists alike!

8.   Tesla: Master of Lightning

This documentary of Nikola Tesla goes through his entire personal life and career. He is often an overlooked character in engineering history so it is a very interesting watch!

9.   Egypt: Engineering an Empire

Egpytian engineers still impress us to this day to the point that people still believe that aliens helped them create their structures! After 5,000 years the structures they created are still standing, and this series explores the Egyptian Empire and how they were able to build such amazing pyramids, building and many more.

10.  MacGyver

Source: Amazon

If you don’t know anything about this show, well then you are in for a treat! This old-school show features a scientist/bomb disposal expert who defeats bad guys using anything that’s lying around including random household items. Watch this, you won’t be disappointed!

So what do you think of these 10 best shows for mechanical engineers? Do you have any shows that you think would make the list? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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