Best Mouse for CAD: AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS in 2022

  • Some of the best peripherals you can buy for CAD in 2021 are made by 3Dconnexion
  • The best mouse for you depends on what you will be using it for
  • Some mice can also be used as a secondary mouse for added functionality
  • 3Dconnexion also make a mouse pad to keep all of your peripherals consistent and uniform

So, best mouse for CAD? Let’s look at the best CAD mouse list from an engineer perspective:

Best Mouse for AutoCAD

3DConnexion SpaceMouse Pro 3D Mouse 3DX-700040

bestmouse for cad: 3Dconnexion 3DX-700040 SpaceMouse Pro 3D MouseThis unique looking mouse is meant to be used as a secondary mouse outside of a primary mouse like the CadMousePro Wireless. This is interchangeable with the SpaceMouse Wireless as they both have similar functionalities, but we have chosen our favorites for each program.

The SpaceMouse Pro 3D is best suited to 3D applications (which can be completed on AutoCAD or its Autodesk big brother, Inventor), as it has the ability to navigate at will through 3D space, using the space navigator. We found this great as the intuitive push, pull, twist, tilt and side to side movements make moving through space a breeze!

The four function keys provide great shortcuts to programmable functions on AutoCAD, and the automatic assignment to your most used functions is extremely convenient. The inclusion of Alt, Ctrl, Enter and Shift buttons are an extension of your keyboard and reduce the movement of your hands while working, another plus.

The only negative is that the space navigator is located in the middle and not to the side, making the buttons on one side a little hard to reach. The design is great, we would just prefer all of the buttons to be located on one side and easily reachable. It is proportionately weighted to make it feel premium as you use it, and the extended hand rest makes working for hours on end a breeze as your hand is supported.

Best Mouse for SOLIDWORKS

3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Wireless 3DX-700066

best mouse for CAD: 3Dconnexion 3DX-700066 Spacemouse Wireless (With Carry Case And Universal Receiver)The SpaceMouse wireless is very similar to the SpaceMouse Pro above, it is basically like 3Dconnexion took the space navigator out of the SpaceMouse Pro and made it its own mouse! As recommended above, we think that this is the best mouse for SOLIDOWORKS on this list.

It is intended to be used as a secondary mouse, and is used specifically for movement through 3D space, perfect for modelling in SOLIDWORKS. When used with a primary mouse it gives the perfect combination to be as productive as humanly possible. It operates the same as the SpaceMouse Pro space navigator, you push the mouse to move forwards, pull to move back, and so on.

You might think that it is limited due to the fact that it only has two buttons, but these two buttons open radial menus so you can choose from multiple options with a single click. Cool! Like its predecessor it is the appropriate weight to feel premium in the hand.

It will definitely take you a little to get used to this very specialized piece of equipment when you are working, and at its price point it is for those who take their work very seriously.

Plus, it looks so cool in any set-up and will definitely get a lot of attention from any co-workers who are passing your desk!

Best CAD Mouse for Working from Home

3Dconnexion CadMousePro Wireless 3DX-700078

best mouse for CAD: 3Dconnexion CadMousePro Wireless 3DX-700078The CadMousePro Wireless has an ergonomic design that is perfect for working from home, it may look like a normal mouse, but it has been specifically made for CAD as well. Its design is paired with 3 extra buttons that aid your workflow when working on CAD projects.

In the hand, the material and ergonomics of this mouse feel amazing. We could use this mouse for hours of CAD use and not feel any cramp or pain in our hand. As it is a larger mouse, we do recommend it for users with medium to large hands, it may not fit well with small hands. The pointer precision of the mouse is very refined and accurate as it has 7200 dpi.

Its middle button is great for scroll clicking as anybody who has ever used CAD will know how easy it is to accidentally scroll when trying to scroll click. This is definitely an advantage when using this mouse for CAD. Two of the “extra” buttons by the thumb, are reliable and fast and can be programmed to whatever the user desires. There is a special groove between the two buttons so you can tell between the two buttons without looking directly at the mouse.

There is a feature included in this mouse called Smart Scroll, which changes between a smooth scroll and click-to-click zooming. In our experience it is a very useful feature and gives a great user experience.

As with most CAD-specific mice, the CadMousePro can be customized fully using a program called 3DxWare. It shows the user the battery life, connection type, cursor speed, etc. For example, we kept the cursor speed around 75%, while we usually like fast cursors, the full speed was too jittery for us!

Best CAD Mouse for Travel

3DConnexion CadMouse Compact Wireless 3DX-700082

Best mouse for CAD: 3DConnexion CadMouse Compact Wireless 3DX-700082, BlackAs you may have already guessed, the CadMouse Compact is a smaller, lighter, more compact… version of the CadMousePro Wireless.

The main difference in the user experience between the full size and the compact, is the size and feel of the mouse in your hand. While still being somewhat ergonomic to those with medium to large hands, we do feel that this is the option for those that have found that the CadMousePro is too big for their hands.

The Compact version is smaller and therefore easier to bring while travelling, taking up less space in your bag and keeping more room for snacks! If you are wondering (I know you are), the exact dimensional difference between the full size and compact are as follows:

  • Length: Full Size – 126mm, Compact – 110mm
  • Width: Full Size – 74mm, Compact – 67mm
  • Height: Full Size – 44mm, Compact – 38mm

Small, but noticeable differences! The decision is simple here, is you like the CadMousePro and want a smaller version, choose the CadMouse Compact!

Best Accessory to Pair with Your Mouse

3Dconnexion 3DX-700068 Cadmouse Pad Compact

best mouse for CAD: 3Dconnexion 3DX-700068 Cadmouse Pad CompactThe CadMouse Compact, has a mouse pad that can be purchased in order to make the user experience as smooth as possible, and keep all of your accessories to the same brand, which we find very satisfying (is it just us?).

The CadMouse Pad Compact has a grippy base made from silicone, allowing it to stick to your desk while in use. The surface is quite low friction, while also giving you some feedback as your mouse travels.

We found it to be much less slippery than our desktop (although the CadMouse Compact had no problem operating just on the desktop), and it did make the use of the mouse feel much smoother.

The CadMouse Pad Compact, similar to its mouse counterpart, has a “full-size” version that is 100mm longer to be used for the full sized CadMousePro.


So which 3Dxconnexion mouse will you be using in 2021? Upon testing all of these options we felt like we had to categorize each mouse to showcase its best features. The SpaceMouse Pro 3D and the SpaceMouse Wireless are best when used for 3D applications or AutoCAD, as they have the feature sets to be fully utilized when working on one of these programs, or something similar. For our recommendation when working on 3D programs, the SpaceMouse Pro 3D is our pick.

When working from home you need a mouse that will take care of everything in one package. You need something that you can use to check emails with ease, but then launch into a heavy CAD session at a moment’s notice. When it comes to this, the CadMouse Pro Wireless can get the job done. It has the comfort to go for at least 8 hours and also has the features to take advantage of the powerful features included in modern CAD packages. You will not be disappointed when using the CadMousePro.

When you need a mouse that will give you everything you need, on the go, what could be more perfect than a smaller version of the CadMousePro? Nothing, in our opinion! Take the CadMouse Compact with you in your bag and experience the full functionality of the CadMousePro. If you travel a lot, the CadMouse Compact is the option for you. For added luxury, contemplate bringing the CadMouse Pad Compact along to enhance the user experience.

So there you have it, the options for the best mouse for CAD in 2021. Do you have a mouse that has caught your eye on this list that you will be picking up? Or do you have experience with any of the mice already on the list? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, and more of the same content can be found on our blog. See you soon!

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