GD&T reference center

GD&T Reference Center

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) is an engineering language that can be difficult to understand. Often you attend training, and everything seems clear, then you


Video of the Day: LIFT Aircraft

Personal flight has alway been one of the loftiest aspirations of humankind, and LIFT aircraft believe that they may have the answer. Their new personal,

types of screws

Types of Screws

Types of screws and their uses are part of the basic DIY knowledgebase. Screws are the inconspicuous objects that hold the world together. Well, maybe


Video of the Day: Russian Combat Suit

A high-tech Russian research center has been developing next-generation combat suits for their arms, and they have come up with something that looks straight out

Video of the Day: Foam Shaping

Have you ever seen how foam products are shaped? Well neither had we and now we are hooked! This is one of those satisfying processes

how rockets work

How Do Rockets Work?

Rockets of various shapes and sizes are still humans’ only way of entering space, but have you ever stopped to think about how they actually

Video of the Day: ReWalk Exoskeleton

This new exoskeleton from ReWalk Robotics allows people with spinal cord injuries to walk fully upright again. Exoskeleton technology has been developing for many years

vernier caliper least count

Vernier Caliper Least Count

The vernier caliper least count is the smallest measurement that can be recorded with a vernier caliper. A vernier caliper is a device used for

flying car

Video of the Day: AirCar

The very latest generation of flying cars, the “AirCar” converts from car to air vehicle in less than three minutes. It recently successfully completed its

Best Architectural Engineering Tools

Architects are known for their work designing and planning structures and buildings. Architectural engineering is the design of all building systems, ranging from electrical/lighting, mechanical,

Artificial Womb

Video of the Day: Artificial Womb

Researchers have developed an artificial womb that they placed a premature lamb fetus inside. It was kept inside for four weeks, where it had grown

Venturi Meter

Venturi Meter

A Venturi meter is an instrument that measures flow that features a converging piece of pipe to intentionally increase the velocity of the flow and

cochran boiler

Cochran Boiler

A cochran boiler is a vertical boiler that contains a number of horizontal fire tubes. It is typically used to create steam used to power


Video of the Day: SPMT PowerHoss

SPMT PowerHoss is a self-propelled vehicle used for transporting a multitude of vehicles that can vary from small to rather large machines. It can be


Is Electric Flight Possible?

In 2015, 276 million TONS of jet fuel were burned by airlines. That was just about 7% of all global oil products, and in turn

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