Dual-Mass Flywheel

Dual-Mass Flywheel

What is a Dual-Mass Flywheel? A dual-mass flywheel (also known as DMFW or DMF), is a mechanical device that rotates and is used to generate

Solidworks hole wizard tutorial

Solidworks Hole Wizard Tutorial

Holes are an extremely common feature in engineering and product design. From simple circular openings for cables or ports, to complex threaded types for screws


3D Printed Parts That Can Kill Bacteria

Researchers for the Department of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield, have created 3D printed parts that are resistant to common strains of bacteria.

hydraulic-fluid-selection-hydraulic hose and valve fitting use at slide core for die casting mold on table

Hydraulic Fluid Selection Guide

Hydraulic fluid is a versatile, multi-function necessity for machinery everywhere. You would be hard pressed to find a machine that doesn’t require hydraulic fluid to

Top 10 Aerospace Companies in the World

Top 10 Aerospace Companies in the World

What Does an Aerospace Company Do? “Aerospace companies” are usually aerospace manufacturers, and they research, design, build, test, sell and maintain aircraft/aircraft parts, missiles, rockets

video of gyroscope experiments

Video of the Day: The Magic of Gyroscope

Check out these mesmerising gyroscope experiments: Gyroscope in space. It maintains its stability once it’s spinning. Omnidirectional drone gyroscope. 3D Printed gyro sphere. Gyroscope bike

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