SOLIDWORKS boundary surface

SOLIDWORKS Boundary Surface

The boundary surface features within SOLIDWORKS allows users to make surfaces that can be curvature or tangent continuously in both directions, i.e. every surface of


Circular Bridge Design

A circle was designed in this bridge for two very specific reasons, to slow down traffic and to allow motorists to enjoy the magnificent scenery

Metal fabrication processes

Processes Used in Metal Fabrication

The history of metal fabrication, alternatively known as metalworking, dates back to ancient times with the development of civilisation largely being down to the discovery

CAD workstation that would suit your CAD requirements

CAD Workstation: Which One is Best?

So, you’re in engineering and are wondering which CAD workstation to get. There are many opinions on what makes a great CAD workstation. Purists will


Unbelievable Greek Inventions

Do you know that many ancient Greek inventions are still used to this very day? Some of them will suprrise you. It is common knowledge

Best 3D printer under 1000

Best 3D Printer under 1000

Best 3D Printer under 1,000? Wheather you are looking for a cheap 3D printer or prepared to pay up to 1,000 – your search is

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