Top 5 CAD Forums on the Web

  • CAD software tools have evolved so much over the years that any project – from the design of a tiny component to the building of an aircraft – utilises them at one stage or the other.
  • This article explores CAD forums that have become popular in recent times, owing to their large user-base and the depth of topics that they address.
  • Whether you are an engineer just starting out or an expert with years of experience, these forums are a valuable resource in learning about any topic related to CAD.

Top 5 CAD forumsCAD, or Computer-Aided Design systems have come a long way since they first became popular sometime in the 1970s. Initially, they were used to obtain electronic copies of manual drafts. Gradually, they evolved into a tool for generating bills of materials and performing interference checking. Today, they incorporate highly sophisticated features involving engineering calculations and 3D views of objects. CAD has revolutionised the field of engineering software tools in more ways than one. The growing use of the software has resulted in various CAD forums being created for users online.

Whether you want to create your own jewelry or design your own line of furniture, build an appliance or design buildings, CAD offers multi-dimensional solutions at every stage of your project. Features include conceptual design, strength analysis, manufacturing methods, visualisation capabilities, real-time simulations….the list is endless.

The rise of CAD forums

More features in a software tool do not necessarily mean our jobs become easier…. at least not until we learn how to use them! CAD’s multiple functionalities and uses have given rise to the birth of CAD forums which involve members from around the world who discuss design issues, share ideas, offer solutions to other users, and basically help one another make the best use of CAD.

There are many CAD forums and communities which serve targeted sub-sets of users. Let’s take a look at the top 5 CAD forums on the web and see what they have to offer:

1. Autodesk’s AutoCAD forums

Autodesk is the maker of AutoCAD, which as you probably know is one of the most popular CAD software tools available today. It is no wonder, then, that the Autodesk forum is considered the ‘go-to’ community for anything AutoCAD-related, and is very popular among CAD users.

Major pluses –

  • These forums include online tutorials that cover a wide range of topics, geared towards a wide spectrum of users – from those who are learning the basics of CAD, to engineering pros.
  • The community boasts of ‘elite experts’ who are subject matter experts in one or more areas of AutoCAD. If you are lucky, you could find your question being answered by one of them!


2. CAD forum by CAD Studio

CAD Studio Inc., a partner of Autodesk, based out of the Czech Republic offers its own portal dedicated to CAD. The best part about this portal is that it is easy to navigate and quickly find the information that you want. The menu bar is conveniently divided into sub-sections like Downloads (patches, fixes, libraries, add-ins and other freeware), Converters (converter of physical units), Software Development (includes tools and software for free download or purchase), Web Links (with links to other CAD portals) and a CAD Shop, where users can browse and purchase Autodesk products and licenses.

Benefit – It provides practical tips and tricks for using AutoCAD, and 2D/3D blocks that can readily be used in designs (the library is updated regularly, with new blocks), along with tons of useful and informational videos.

3. CADTutor

Maintained by Michael E. Beall, an Autodesk-endorsed author and AutoCAD trainer, CADTutor has a very ‘friendly’ feel to it. Along with AutoCAD, this website has forums dedicated to Autodesk Revit (BIM software tool) and other digital design software tools like SolidWorks, Rhino, MicroStation, SketchUp etc.

Pros –

  • It offers tips and techniques to customise AutoCAD, including customisations that involve programming and those that don’t need programming.
  • It has sub-forums targeted towards students, offering solutions for student projects.

4. 3DCADForums

3DCADForums has CAD forums devoted to different CAD tools (AutoCAD, CATIA, IronCAD, Pro/E, and SolidWorks) and graphics tools (Adobe Acrobat 3D and 3D Studio Max).

Most vital benefit – The site has exclusive forums dedicated to jobs and careers in the CAD domain. Prospective employers can post job opportunities in CAD, while CAD users looking for jobs or gigs can advertise their skills in these forums. The site also offers career-related advice about how to enter the industry, salaries, and other getting-started topics.

5. The Swamp

If you are a CAD programming geek, then The Swamp is for you! Along with general discussions about CAD, this portal has highly in-depth discussions about anything related to programming in CAD, including AutoLISP, VBA, .NET, ARX Programming and Dynamo (an extension for Revit).

Most notable advantage – This is, by far, your best bet for all your coding-related questions.


One cannot imagine completing a project today without using software tools at some stage of the project. CAD offers innumerable features which let users design and manage projects efficiently and with ease. As users discover more ways of using these tools, CAD forums have blossomed into a valuable online support network, providing inputs and offering solutions to everyday issues faced by the CAD community.



2 thoughts on “Top 5 CAD Forums on the Web”

  1. I am not sure why there’s such an emphasis on Autocad. I started working with 3D CAD in 1998, and have never looked back. Autocad is a drafting tool, not an engineering tool. If I had to make the same bespoke designs as I have been doing in Solidworks or Unigraphics, it would take me 10 times longer and I would not be able to do an FEA or generate a bill of materials in a blink of an eye.

  2. I started into the CAD work back in…1989 …uhhh,,, long time ago.
    For some reason, my engineering school decided to push CAD into drafting & design classes . There were a couple of high end CAD software at that time, but I guess the guys behind such cad packages were not smart enough and did not see what was going on at their backs.
    A couple of years later, AutoCAD was the most pirated tech software in the world. Don’t ask me how, but there was no Internet at that time.
    Anyhow, years later – and because there are decent and honest people in the world, I’ve found my way into IntelliCAD because its CAD tools were pretty close to what I was “formatted” to use.
    IntelliCAD 98 was a sort or genetic mutation that triggered the evolution in the 2D/3D CAD world. Most of all existing CAD alternatives in the world today had , at some point, a finger in the IntelliCAD pie.
    3D parametric CAD is a major BS when dealing with professional 2D designs, no matter the CAD flavor.
    Anyhow, the subject here is forums and, FYI, there’s also an IntelliCAD forums from CMS.

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