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Best 3D printer under 1000

Best 3D Printer under 1000

Best 3D Printer under 1,000? Wheather you are looking for a cheap 3D printer or prepared to pay up to 1,000 – your search is


3D Printed Parts That Can Kill Bacteria

Researchers for the Department of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield, have created 3D printed parts that are resistant to common strains of bacteria.

3D Printing Software overview

Effectively implementing 3D printing in a production environment requires software tools for design, simulation, pre-processing, distribution, manufacturing, inspection, and quality. Printer manufacturers (OEMs) provide software

3d printing

How To Strengthen 3D Printed Parts

Additive Manufacturing is gradually gaining inertia throughout the different branches of industry. However, one of the mains obstacles is the endurance and performance the parts

The cardiosurgeon demonstrates the heart printed on a 3d printer

3D Printing in Surgery

Surgical interventions are now relying more and more on 3D printing to gain a deeper insight into complex operations and devise surgical interventions. All the

3D Printing with Metal Powders

Metal additive manufacturing (AM) has been steadily gaining traction in the manufacturing industry. At present, there is a big focus on advanced aerospace, medical and

history of 3D printing

The History of 3D Printing

3D printing, which is technically referred to as Additive Manufacturing (AM), is all the rage in the manufacturing industry these days. Therefore, we decided to

weird 3D printing

6 Extremely Weird 3D Printing Applications

Previously we discussed 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing and how it works in the aerospace industry. In these articles, we learned that some of the benefits

Rapid prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Basics

For those in the design world, the idea of rapid prototyping is not a new concept; prototypes of every new design must be produced to

CLIP 3D printing

What is CLIP 3D printing?

I recently had the opportunity to tour the facilities of The Technology House, one of four companies that are prototyping and testing the newest Carbon

3D Printer Shopping Guide

There are many options out there when it comes to 3D printers, from the hobbyist level all the way to entry-level professional models.  A variety

Making Sense of Metal 3D Printing

Metal 3D Printing can be quite confusing and intimidating because of the sheer number of different names and processes even though most of the names

DDS and FDM: know the difference

When selecting a 3D printing process an important consideration how the process itself can affect the part. If the correct process is not selected, a

3D Printed Brain for surgical training

When medical students train as surgeons they typically practice on cadavers or use simulators. A simulation allows students to hone their skills by looking into

Getting Started with 3D Printing

Here is a description of my recent experiences building a 3D printer and getting it up and running, for those that might be interested in

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