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Fourier’s Law of Heat Conduction

Fourier’s Law of Heat Conduction

Fourier’s Law states that the time it takes for heat to travel through a material is proportional to the temperature’s negative gradient, and to the

wheatbridge diagram and formula

Wheatstone Bridge

A Wheatstone bridge is a special type of electrical circuit that is used to accurately measure the unknown resistance of a component. It was also

laminar flow

Laminar Flow

Laminar flow is a phenomenon observed in flowing fluids that manifests during the study of fluid dynamics. In general, fluid flow can be described in

Kinematic Viscosity

In simplest terms, the viscosity of a fluid is the measurement of its resistance to deformation at a specified rate. For liquids, viscosity directly corresponds

Mollier diagram water steam

Mollier Diagram – A Basic Guide

Most engineering installations and equipment are subjected to (and designed to withstand) a variety of atmospheric conditions and over a wide range of temperature, pressure,

Watt's law formula: P=IV, where I=current, P=power, V=voltage

What is Watt’s law?

In the study of electronics, many laws and theories exist. These laws enable us to understand the workings of electric circuits and components. One such

volumetric flow rate equation

Volumetric Flow Rate Equation

Before defining the volumetric flow rate equation and how to apply it, let’s explore the concept of volumetric flow and how the principle is used

How to Design a Steel Column - supports

How to Design a Steel Column

Steel columns and beams are the building blocks of most major commercial construction these days. Therefore, knowing how to design a steel column is one

mm to inches

Convert mm to inches INSTANTLY

Are you looking to convert millimeters to inches? Look no further, with our instant mm to inches calculator, you can do it in a second.

basic thermal calculations

Basic Thermal Calculations

Thermal engineering is one of the most fundamental areas of mechanical and chemical engineering, with the study of heat transfer being one of the most

basic stress analysis calculations

Basic stress analysis calculations

Mechanical engineers need to be able to calculate things! One of the most important things a mechanical engineer must know are basic stress analysis calculations.

On Engineering Calculations…

The difference between school and “real life” problem solving When we pass from high school to university we bring with us the idea that answers


What do calculations actually mean?

Engineers are supposed to do calculations. That’s what we do. We calculate everything from strength and mass flow, temperature rise and heat transfer, fuel consumption and

Mastering Precision for Functions

We’ve previously spoken about the concepts of accuracy and precision and how they play a key role in determining the error range in mechanical engineering

Area of plane shapes

Here’s a useful guide to calculating the area of basic shapes. Rectangle Area = w × h w = width h = height Triangle Area

Convert units the easy way!

Here’s is a great piece of freeware. It’s simply called “convert” by Josh Madison. It’s an amazingly useful program – something that every mechanical engineer

Brake design – calculations

Brakes are machine elements that absorb kinetic or potential energy in the processes of slowing down or stopping a moving part. The absorbed energy is

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