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Video of the Day: Flying Motorbike

This “flying motorbike” can now be bought! This speeder was created by one of the world’s leading jetpack companies and can reportedly reach 150mph and

portal-icosahedrons-infinity shapes

Video of the Day: Portal Icosahedrons

This series of sculptures are called “Portal Icosahedrons” and give the feeling like you are looking into infinite space. Icosahedrons are geometric globes made up

virgin hyperloop

Video of the Day: Virgin Hyperloop

Virgin has just completed their first passenger test of their Hyperloop “train.” This entirely new mode of transport works using electromagnetic propulsion and can reach

bolawrap video

Video of the Day: BolaWrap

The BolaWrap™ 100 is a remote restraint that shoots a bola style tether made out of Kevlar that is 8 feet long. The purpose of

video of gyroscope experiments

Video of the Day: The Magic of Gyroscope

Check out these mesmerising gyroscope experiments: Gyroscope in space. It maintains its stability once it’s spinning. Omnidirectional drone gyroscope. 3D Printed gyro sphere. Gyroscope bike

Great Engineering Feats- large hadron collider

Top 10 Great Engineering Feats

The world of engineering has created some amazing feats over the years some of which are fairly recent while others go back hundreds of years.

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