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What is Control Engineering?

Control Engineering is a branch of engineering that artificially modifies a system to ensure a desired behavior. A system can be mechanical, fluid, chemical, financial

Engineering Disasters: Concorde Crash

On the morning of July 25th, 2000, there was an Air France Concorde crash moments after takeoff from near Paris based International Airport, Charles de Gaulle,

Avoid Engineering Burnout

If you’ve graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree you will know the feeling. You’ve just finished the hardest technical curriculum  you’ll ever undertake and you’re feeling

Designer of the Future

The Designer of the Future

You are a talented designer living an independent life, go to concerts, parties, perhaps starting to make concrete plans for your life and then you

The Weird World of Quantum Mechanics

There is nothing weirder than Quantum mechanics, especially when it comes to quantum computing. Quantum physics has long helped advanced technology in our modern life, even

Welcome to EngineeringClicks!

A warm welcome to EngineeringClicks. This is the new version of Mechanical Design Forum. We felt it was time for a complete reinvention with a new name,

Why Do Designs Fail?

With so many scientific tools, why do designs fail? Why the unsinkable Titanic sank? Why did the thoroughly tested Columbia space shuttle burned out on

Don’t get the wrong CAD hardware!

The workflow of a CAD user typically falls into 2 areas: simulation and modelling. Therefore, selecting the correct CAD workstation for your requirements is vital.

MDF is 3 years old!

The Mechanical Design Forum is now 3 years old. It really doesn’t feel like that long since it was started. Below are a few screenshots

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