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3D Printed Parts That Can Kill Bacteria

Researchers for the Department of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield, have created 3D printed parts that are resistant to common strains of bacteria.

Electric Aircraft: the Sun-Flyer

Electric Aircraft gives Flight This innovation may have a huge effect on the world of aviation, by massively reducing the cost of flight time and

The Historic Arrival of Juno

According to Greek mythology, the goddess Juno was the only one able to see through her husband Jupiter’s puffs of smoke and cloudy disguises. By

SpotMini From Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics recently broke the mould with its ATLAS robot but the company has just released a new funky, flexible and extremely well advanced model

Supersonic Travel – the revival?

Most of us in the aeronautics industry remember the famous Concorde…the famous supersonic commercial jet that became reality but didn’t last long enough to become mainstream. In Denver,

Bionic hand with sensory feedback

The most recent innovations in prosthetics aren’t coming from advances in manufacturing methods, but rather advances in technologies connecting the prosthetic directly to the user’s

3D Printed Brain for surgical training

When medical students train as surgeons they typically practice on cadavers or use simulators. A simulation allows students to hone their skills by looking into

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