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Video of the Day: Foam Shaping

Have you ever seen how foam products are shaped? Well neither had we and now we are hooked! This is one of those satisfying processes

Video of the Day: ReWalk Exoskeleton

This new exoskeleton from ReWalk Robotics allows people with spinal cord injuries to walk fully upright again. Exoskeleton technology has been developing for many years

Artificial Womb

Video of the Day: Artificial Womb

Researchers have developed an artificial womb that they placed a premature lamb fetus inside. It was kept inside for four weeks, where it had grown


Video of the Day: SPMT PowerHoss

SPMT PowerHoss is a self-propelled vehicle used for transporting a multitude of vehicles that can vary from small to rather large machines. It can be


Video of the Day: Slow-Water Turbine

Most water-powered turbines typically need a certain water speed in order to generate significant amounts of electricity. This turbine can operate in water that travels

poly glue

Video of the Day: PolyGlu

Poly Glu is actually a powder, not a glue. It consists of mainly fermented soybeans, which help to speed up the clotting of dirt found


Circular Bridge Design

A circle was designed in this bridge for two very specific reasons, to slow down traffic and to allow motorists to enjoy the magnificent scenery


Video of the Day: Flying Motorbike

This “flying motorbike” can now be bought! This speeder was created by one of the world’s leading jetpack companies and can reportedly reach 150mph and

portal-icosahedrons-infinity shapes

Video of the Day: Portal Icosahedrons

This series of sculptures are called “Portal Icosahedrons” and give the feeling like you are looking into infinite space. Icosahedrons are geometric globes made up

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