9 cool things to 3D print right now!

  • 3D Printers have become increasingly affordable for beginners, making 3D printing much more accessible.
  • 3D printers allow for interesting experimentation for less cost than typical mills and lathes.
  • There are loads of ideas for things to 3D print, as well as files available on the thingiverse website.

Looking for some cool things to 3D print? If you’re a maker or tinkerer of any kind, then it’s highly likely you have a 3D printer. Entry level 3D printers have become extremely affordable and are often much cheaper than their metal working counterparts, such as lathes and mills. Furthermore you can create very complex parts with these machines, allowing you to make all kinds of interesting things. Most table top 3D printers are FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) printers that make use of filament, or the more expensive SLA (stereo-lithograph apparatus printers) which make use of liquid photopolymers. This blog will focus on printing projects for FDM. If it can be printed on an FDM printer, then it can be printed on an SLA machine also. Some of the examples included are practical prints, while others are just fun gifts for relatives and friends.

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Cools Things to 3D print

The list below shows 9 cool things to 3D print right now:

cool things to 3D print flash drive holder21. Flash drive holder

If you’re like most people, you will have a drawer full of various kinds of flash drives and other odds and ends. This flash drive holder is an ideal way to sort all your flash drives and SD cards into one easy to locate place, keeping your desk that much more organised.

2. Baker Cube

If you’re fond of the kitchen, you’ll know that finding the right measuring cup when cooking or baking is always a chore! Often you’ll be missing the one you so desperately need. This cube is great as it has all the most commonly used measurements in one place.

3. Succulent Pots

3D printers can make very interesting shapes for pot plants, however, a plastic pot doesn’t always look very classy sitting in your office. These pots are designed to be made with wood filament so that they look a lot better and are ideal to display your most prized succulents.

cool things to 3D print battery block4. Stackable battery Box

As with the case of the flash drive drawer mentioned previously, it’s highly likely that there are all kinds of batteries rolling round in this drawer as well. These battery blocks are a great way to keep all your batteries in a much better, organised way.

5. Digital Sundial

This is not the most practical print, because a simple Casio digital watch is just as good, but it is undoubtably one of the very cool things to 3D print. To think that a solid part with no moving components can display the time through clever use of shadows is quite simply awesome.

cool things to 3D print micro catapult6. Micro Catapult

This little catapult is ideal for shooting projectiles across the office to lay siege on your least favourite co worker, or to shoot jelly beans to your most favourite. It’s also a great little toy too, that is quick to print and can keep your kids entertained for hours.

7. Key chain Smartphone stand

We have all been party to the excruciating and unbearable pain that comes from holding your smartphone up for hours while binge watching Netflix or YouTube. This clever little key chain allows you to prop up your phone to finally free your hands from enslavement, so you can waste countless hours at greater ease.

8. One hand book holder

This is an ideal gadget for when you feel guilty for spending hours mindlessly staring at your phone and you want to take up a more cerebral exercise like reading. However, reading is not without its pains. Trying to sip your favourite hot beverage while reading a super interesting passage is always a very difficult exercise and could end in both a hot mess, and you losing your place. This clever 3D print lets you free one of your hands, making it much easier to take a sip of your cappuccino.

9. Light Switch name tags

Despite living in the same house for months or even years, it’s always a guessing game to check which light switch is for what room. This is where these light name tags come to save the day (or night). They will also help your guests see which light to use without accidentally turning on the wrong one and waking up the whole house. An added bonus would be to print these out of glow in the dark filaments.

There are literally thousands of very cool things to 3D print out there. The best place to look around for more ideas that are both useful and interesting is Thingiverse, as this is the most complete collection of all things 3D printing related.

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  1. It was interesting, I didn’t know!

    3D printers give us complete prototypes such as ( J750 Stratasys ) The material of some objects is flexible!
    And 3D printers with polyjet technology produce it

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