Easy CAD? The Easiest CAD Programs for Beginners

  • Entering the CAD world can be daunting
  • There are so many different programs that can be quite difficult to use
  • There are some options that are easy to use for beginners to give them confidence in the CAD space

Easy CAD – is it possible? Yes! Check out our ultimate list of the easiest CAD programs to use! As a beginner, entering into the Computer Aided Design (CAD) world may seem daunting and confusing, especially if you have little to no experience. This often results in people giving up on their hobbies or projects before they are completed because they get frustrated or upset that they cannot grasp the software that they are using.

Do not worry, however, EngineeringClicks has heard your cries for help! We have put together a list of the easiest CAD programs for beginners to use so that they can hopefully make their first steps into the CAD world. These 3D modelling programs will help you to design a 3D model of your specific choice, and then even 3D print your model if you so desire! Please take a look at our list of the easiest CAD programs to use for beginners, and hopefully you might use one of them to begin your own CAD journey!


Created by a startup in New York, Morphi is a 3D modelling program that was made specifically for tablets. It comes in an app form that allows users to design their own 3D models in a very simple interface, and features a full library of functionally and decorative models. The app is free, and there are paid options that you can opt for within the app. This is a perfect option for someone who is just starting out and does not even want to purchase any software. It can be downloaded onto a tablet and used anywhere.


To say BlocksCAD was designed for beginners may be an understatement. It was specifically created for educational purposes, and is widely known as a precursor to the OpenSCAD software. Commands for creating blocks and other features are represented by various color blocks, somewhat similar to LEGO. This is a program that is meant to be the first step into the 3D modelling world for its users, and if these users become confident enough they can move onto OpenSCAD where they will have access to much more advanced features.


Leopoly is a 3D modelling cloud-based program that was created in Hungary. It is very easy and simple to use, and has an inviting interface to say the least. It offers users an extensive library of objects to use while modelling, that can be customized with various colors and text. Models that have also been created by other users can be accessed if users need a more advanced starting point, just to tinker with the design and become familiar with the program. Leoply is aimed at students and beginners looking to begin their designing journey.

3D Slash

If the models that are created within 3D slash look familiar to you, that is because it has been inspired by the video game Minecraft. This is a game where to survive in a world the user must create structures using little squares. The same concept is what is used in 3D Slash. 3D models are created using little blocks that you can add or delete to develop your final design. These designs can then be transformed into reality using a picture that you upload. Despite its blocky appearance, designs are reasonably accurate, giving users the option to 3D print their design if desired.


TinkerCAD is a free online 3D modelling tool that is created by Autodesk. This is directed towards those who have never used or even seen a modelling program before. It again features a block-building concept, allowing users to create models from basic shapes that can be combined together. The software comes loaded with millions of files that can be used to find different shapes and other features to ensure that users can develop the design that is in their heads. It is a simple program that does have some limitations, but is perfect for someone that has never seen a CAD program before in their life!

SketchUp Make

SketchUp Make, formerly referred to as SketchUP, was a popular program in the past for architects. This version of the SketchUp program is free and gives users a wide variety of tools to enable them to “sketch” their ideas with ease! While this is an easy and versatile software, it is suitable for professionals to use as well. Think engineers, architects, designers etc.

What do you think of these easy CADoptions for beginners? Have you used any of them or do you think you know an option that should be included on the list? We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. See you soon!

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