Top 5 Engineering Forums

  • Engineering Forums are a place of virtually infinite human and technical resources for engineering applications. Here’s a list of the top five to get you started.
  • Read on to see what each forum's speciality is and to learn more about their communities to find out what's on offer for you.
  • You’ll be able to find in-depth, first-hand experienced opinions for problems that may be new to you.
  • It's important to give back too, so get involved and offer advice on topics you're familiar with or have expertise in.

Engineering forums are amazingly helpful to engineers. Engineering is a very complex practice. Not only does it encompass an immense range of fields or specialisations, but it requires the application of many different disciplines like science, mathematics, and economics. Basically, all practical and technical knowledge can be capitalised by engineering.

It involves the invention, innovation, design, building, maintenance, research, modification, or enhancement of structures, systems, machines, tools, components, materials, processes, and even organisations. Viewed as a whole, it might seem like a titanic endeavour to undergo. How can anyone apply so many concepts on so many different levels, for so many applications? The answer is simple; you could, but you don’t have to. You can get help. That’s what engineering forums are for.

The Importance of Engineering Forums

The concept of engineering is easily grasped by understanding the origin of the word itself; the Latin word ingenium, can be translated as “cleverness”; and the word ingeniare which means “to contrive, devise”.

Yes – an engineering’s role revolves around the concept of problem solving, and as you might be aware from your own experience, it also requires a big deal of resourcefulness; having the tools (both material and intellectual) to help the engineering mind effectively tackle the problem at hand.

Taking all of this into account, it becomes evident that one of the most powerful tools an engineer can ever hope for is the worldwide engineering community. What one professional may not know, some other professional, somewhere, surely does. If you combine this need for community with the almost infinite connectivity power of the internet, the result you get is engineering forums. Online communities, where professionals from all around the world come together to help one another solve whatever problem they’re trying to solve.

Here’s a list of the top five engineering forums you can find on the web:

engineering forums - engineeringclicks


Our very own EngineeringClicks forum primarily focuses on mechanical design engineering.

Thanks to its pleasing and easy-to-navigate user interface, you’ll be able to find topics like calculations, industrial design, news & events, manufacturing processes, manufacturers, and a whole section dedicated to CAD; which includes software like SolidWorks, Creo, and Autodesk Inventor.

It has just over 9,000 members, and is growing rapidly. The online community is knowledgeable, friendly, and active. In the broader picture, it also offers a great variety of mechanical design-related articles. The Jobs section makes presence here too, which is always a plus for any engineer who’s looking to advance their career.

engineering forums - eng-tips


ENG-TIPS stands out as one of the most popular portals for engineer communities on the web, and it’s easy to see why. There are over 18 specific engineering forums within, each offering a variety of sub-forums for more specific areas within an engineering field with thousands of professionals and students alike. It has one of the most (if not the most) active engineering communities online. It also offers much-needed forums for engineering software, career help, engineering standards, and a space for jobs, which works great either if you’re looking for one, or want to post one.

engineering forums - physics forums

Physics Forum

Physics Forum is primarily focused on scientific dissemination and education, and as such, it is one of the most vast educational portals available on the web, with forums for basically all fields of science and of course, engineering. Its thriving community of almost 200,000 members is hardly paralleled by any other. Virtually all threads receive a considerable number of replies, and you’ll always find something interesting to learn, debate, or answer.

engineering forums - CR4


CR4’s motto is “The Engineer’s Place for News and Discussion” and it stands by those words. It has 15 engineering categories for its threads, covering some of the most popular applications of engineering; such as aerospace, biomechanical, chemical, civil engineering, communications and electronics, sustainable energy, and more. It has a rich community of nearly 90,000 members who proactively collaborate and get involved with the community, which makes it a great place to take your inquiry.

engineering forums - engineers edge

Engineers Edge

The Engineers Edge Forum stands as a solid recommendation for all engineers and engineering students who have developed, or are interested in developing design skills. Its main discussion topics are related to design, industrial design, CAD, civil & environmental engineering, codes and standards, dimensioning tolerancing, manufacturing and such. It also features a Classified Ads section (an uncommon convenience), a section for calculations, and a 3D printing section.

This wholesome set of design topics along with its nearly 40,000 members, prove to be a great resource for all engineers and students involved with design.


Engineering problems may seem like impossible tasks at some point. It’s important to remember that for such times, there’s always a community of colleagues that are willing to help by providing a solution you may not have thought of. Always keep in mind that communities are places for giving as much as taking. Don’t hesitate to help by sharing your own knowledge too!



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