What is the best ERP software for plastic injection moulding products?

erp softwareInjection moulding seems like it would be a straightforward process. Simply insert the plastic pellets into the hopper, inject the molten material into a mould, pop it out and repeat – not much planning or organising involved. That is until you start doing it on a large scale. This is where ERP software becomes imperative for large-scale operations.

ERP software not only allows for greater asset management, but it can also be essential for optimising output. Smart companies use data to improve output and increase productivity; from keeping track of inventory to ensuring quality control processes are in check, ERP can be essential for scaling your plastic injection moulding company.

What is ERP software?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is specialist software that can be used to keep track of inventory, schedule production and keep track of quality control records. There are many different types of ERP software available, including cloud and mobile versions which empower staff across all levels of the organisation.

When choosing ERP software for your company, it’s important to ensure it not only suits your needs in the immediate future but that it also leaves room to scale. While switching ERP software isn’t disastrous, it’s much easier if you find ERP software that will grow with you.

How is ERP used in plastic injection moulding?

Effective plastic injection moulding starts and ends with inventory management. This doesn’t only feed into tasks like production schedules, but it also has an impact on waste management and improving efficiency. ERP software can help to track materials consumption and help operators to identify ways to reduce scrap product, or at least ensure it is reusable.

As plastic injection moulding companies expand into more and more industries, the need for increasingly complex quality control processes becomes more apparent. When working with medical technology, for example, in order to remain compliant, clean rooms have to be cleaner than clean. This kind of process requires strict routines which cannot be avoided. By using ERP software, these processes are centralised and therefore more easily managed.

And finally, ERP software can be used to boost productivity. A production schedule will not only keep track of raw materials but also keep track of the vast inventory of moulds that an injection moulding company will inevitably amass. Prototypes will often go through a range of iterations before landing on the final product, so being able to catalogue and store these correctly will speed up the process if the client comes back with a repeat order. Small steps like this can go a long way to ensuring your company appears very professional, even if you are in the early stages.

Which is the best ERP software for plastic injection moulding?

Depending on the size of your operation, there are a number of different types of ERP software available.

  • Large companies will benefit from the enterprise solutions offered by WinMan ERP, which offers everything from supply chain management to warehouse management. This can be useful for ensuring products are packaged and shipped in a timely manner.
  • For small and growing companies, Exact Max is a good choice as it also offers smart integrations with products like QuickBooks. This can streamline the invoicing process and ensure production remains on track.
  • For more complex manufacturing needs, Visibility is the obvious choice. Their enterprise resource planning software not only streamlines any process but also uses the collected data to help you make smarter decisions in future.

For ERP software that is truly scalable, Abas is a strong choice. Their software works for companies with 10 or 10,000 employees, and the mobile capabilities ensure that everyone is on the same page.



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