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    1. g4solutions
    2. DerekT
      DerekT GarethW
      Being Semi Retired I'm sure that there are many more like me who were drawn to this forum as there is a lot of knowledge share to be offered and received that would otherwise be lost. I welcome debate on this subject matter and how we may all define a suitable list of same?
    3. DerekT
      DerekT GarethW
      Hi All, just trying to find my way around first. I'm Semi Retired from Life Science Industry and would welcome Exchange debate on Knowledge transfer and general debate on Process design and new industry trends etc.
    4. g4solutions
      CAD/CAM Service Provider
    5. vipul patel
      vipul patel
      broiltech launching fully inox turbine litter counter for wine and food industries
    6. vipul patel
    7. D. Petersen
      D. Petersen
      Currently a student in Mechanical Engineering at Clarkson University, Potsdam NY with interest in engineering design.
    8. Roman Pochinkov
      Roman Pochinkov
      Looking for a new challenge!
    9. Vijendra Kumar
      Vijendra Kumar
      What is engineering ? Who is engineer ?
    10. Saravanan Murugan
      Saravanan Murugan
      I am Electrical Engineer