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    1. D. Petersen
      D. Petersen
      Currently a student in Mechanical Engineering at Clarkson University, Potsdam NY with interest in engineering design.
    2. Roman Pochinkov
      Roman Pochinkov
      Looking for a new challenge!
    3. Vijendra Kumar
      Vijendra Kumar
      What is engineering ? Who is engineer ?
    4. Saravanan Murugan
      Saravanan Murugan
      I am Electrical Engineer
    5. Aleithia Toews
      Aleithia Toews
      Recent mechanical engineering graduate looking for a career in HVAC, medical devices, or construction.
    6. Naveen Saini
      Naveen Saini
      Mechanical Design Engineer
    7. DanuteP
      There is nothing impossible
    8. Dartanion T Sutton
      Dartanion T Sutton
      Wishing Everyone a Happy & Productive 2017!!!!
    9. tanjilovi
      Roaming and finding mecha posts ....
    10. Chidarsh
      Mechanical engineering student, Like to be a design engineer :)