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    Mar 22, 2014
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    Bend, OR.
    Design Engineer

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    New Member, from Bend, OR.

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    Mar 30, 2014
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      Bend, OR.
      Design Engineer
      United States
      Company Name:
      Green Earth
      Started in industry:
      I strive to raise the level craftsmanship and repeat that in each part, each machine, I am very commented to this task. So what I sought in school was how could I motivate, organize, train, inspire & educate others to do their very best. Most of which can't be taught in school.
      I did learn how to execute a well thought out plan, a plan that will yield positive results for employee & Company, but most of all the customer. It's a pleasure to build systems that Embody Quality.
      Every course I took was an attempt to gain these skills, but my actual experience has yelled a great deal more.
      I am a simple man, who grew up with a loving family, my Mom & Dad loved me with all there heart, they taught me to never stop trying to improve my self & to follow my dreams, and to have respect for all. We are not rich, but we work hard for all that we have.

      Our World is a very special place and should be cared for at all cost.
      The most important thing I was taught was;
      " Do unto others, as you would done unto self "

      I was a bit of a problem for my mom I took every thing apart, I was finally able to put it all back together in working order. My Grand Father was a special Man, he taught me craftsmanship,
      & to never be afraid to challenge what was done before & to be responsible, honor the Men & Women of the past by carrying on there work and sacrifice, give today’s work meaning in there name.

      I was not able to afford all the schooling that I dreamed of but these people and many others have taught me than any school could ever teach. They helped me under stand this Love/Fire in my heart.
      I was offed an early start, at the age of 16 . I was very grateful for this opportunity, and I have done so much work all over this country and worn so many hats. I still have so much to learn, that is why I love
      to challenge the last work.

      Wood Carving / Material Science

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