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    Jul 30, 2009
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    Cambridge, UK
    Mechanical Design Engineer

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    Chief Clicker, from Cambridge, UK

    Staff Member

    I am wearing sunglasses indoors to try to look cool Oct 6, 2016

    GarethW was last seen:
    Nov 9, 2019 at 2:05 PM
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      2. christinadez869045
      3. Ravi Kant
        Ravi Kant
        Difference between Grooves and Slots

        Grooves:- The circular slots having complete periphery as well as the hole (through or blind) having not complete periphery is called grooves.

        Slots:- The circular grooves which have not complete periphery or have infinite radius as well as the hole (through or blind) stretched in one direction is called slots.
        1. Ravi Kant
          Ravi Kant
          Please comment for grooves and slots. Is this definition are correct or not ?

          Actually this definition is given by me.
          Sep 22, 2018
      4. divakaran
        thank you very much. like to be a part of discussions on CATIA
      5. DerekT
        Being Semi Retired I'm sure that there are many more like me who were drawn to this forum as there is a lot of knowledge share to be offered and received that would otherwise be lost. I welcome debate on this subject matter and how we may all define a suitable list of same?
      6. DerekT
        Hi All, just trying to find my way around first. I'm Semi Retired from Life Science Industry and would welcome Exchange debate on Knowledge transfer and general debate on Process design and new industry trends etc.
      7. GarethW
        I am wearing sunglasses indoors to try to look cool
        1. Deepak Gupta likes this.
        2. dpasek
          You don't look anything like Corey Hart. No resemblance at all. :-)
          Oct 22, 2017
      8. GarethW
        Just launched engineeringclicks.com!
      9. Lawrence Kelley
        Lawrence Kelley
        Good School (Cambridge)! Reminds me of a BBC-WS program I heard recently speaking of how similarly good Oxford graduates continue to rule Britannia (Cameron, etc.). Wondering what your motivation was in creating this forum? Was an employee at a similar engineer's forum till January, CR4.GlobalSpec.com: my motivation was a bi-weekly pay-check. :) Best, - Larry
      10. cosmos2c
        Hi Gareth,

        Can you help with this?

        I wonder if anyone here can help, I am an independant inventor, recently filed for the follwing:
        1. Shock absorbers with unheard of performance as compared with a conventional monotube, e.g.; rebound is better by a facter of 1:2.3 and bump 1:8.8 hence can be made smaller and lighter.
        2. A range of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders offer simialar advantages as above and hence can be made smaller and lighter.
        3. A series of pumps.
        4. A series of internal combustion engines which do not utilize a crankshaft, connecting rods or a block. Self supercharging or can utilize a COLD turbo.
        5. A frictionless braking system.<br><br>I wish to licence the above&nbsp;concepts to companies on a national or global scales, can also produce prototypes at cost to client to pre-production with certification. Further details a available subject to due diligence, references and NDA. Is there anyone here who has this type of requirement or knows of a company that has?
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      Cambridge, UK
      Mechanical Design Engineer
      United Kingdom
      Started in industry:
      Mechanical/industrial design & engineering, technology, music (piano, electric guitar, writing & recording), drawing, sci-fi and horror, doing this forum!
      Chief clicker of engineeringclicks.com, Gareth holds a BSc (Hons) in Product Design, followed by an MPhil in Engineering. 20+ years in consumer products, bio-science, telecoms industries. Likes electric guitar, piano, sci-fi and horror, designing stuff, listening to and lifting heavy metal (not necessarily at the same time).



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