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    Jul 6, 2012
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    Mechanical Design Engineer

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    New Member, from Boise

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    Mar 28, 2013
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      Mechanical Design Engineer
      United States
      Company Name:
      PKG: User Interface Solutions
      I am "self sufficient," self directed design engineer.

      -Mechanical Design/Fabrication
      I can take a project from conceptual idea, develop design goals, isolate these design goals to help establish modeling parameters, model detailed solid bodies parametrically, fabricate parts independently, and finally on to assembly of modeled design . (Note: In some situations this may mean I fabricate parts using detailed technical drawings and a manual mill or solid-model and a CNC.)

      -Engineering Drawings/Dimensional Verification
      I understand and have experience with validating parts using technical drawings, that include GD&T tolerance specifications, and specialized measuring equipment. I can appropriately dimension and add tolerances to technical drawings used to support 3D models.

      -Product Flow/Life Cycle
      I understand and have experience with product flow/life cycle and have been involved in the design and manufacture of testing equipment used to load different proto parts cyclically.

      With this experience I am ever ready to tackle any project assigned or required for overall progress in a team setting (Note: Required projects are those projects that have not necessarily been assigned, but provide an opportunity for improvement to myself or the team/company as a whole) .

      I communicate well with other engineers and challenge myself to better comprehend those processes/techniques that are directly related to my field. I have an audacious, tenacious personality which means I'm not afraid to take on new responsibilities regardless of whether or not I understand all of the specifics contained therein. I'm a fast learner and can work with both mechanical and electrical engineers.

      Machining, welding, building space frames for off road vehicles, motorcycles, snowboarding

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