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    Jun 19, 2014
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    Lewes Delaware
    Sr. Principal Electro/Mech Design Engineer

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    Member, from Lewes Delaware

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    Jul 27, 2014
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      Lewes Delaware
      Sr. Principal Electro/Mech Design Engineer
      United States
      Started in industry:
      High density electronic packaging, developing innovative thermal solutions using state of the art materials/composites
      My experience is primarily in the design of high density, cost effective electronic packages for the commercial and military market place. I am presently engaged in the design and development of TEMPEST electronics for the alphabet government agencies previously development of the C-Band Solid State Phased Array Radar, an air traffic control radar, previously ED (NULKA) Counter Armed Decoy, Project Engineer for Remote Minesweeping Vehicle, Lead Engineer for the Next Generation S-Band Radar Power LRU’s, Lead Engineer for S-Band Radar Structure (DDG1000), SPY-1F Norwegian Frigate XMTR, VersaMax PLC Product Line (high volume), next generation TDMA Prism Base Station, Hand Held Computer and Bar Code Scanners (high volume), military LCD displays and keyboards, and R.F. packages, where I have received 5 patents with 7 patent pending. I have designed commercial and military Power Supplies, Costal Radar Systems, commercial and military secure communication systems and electronic component sub-systems. In performing my duties as a Consultant Packaging Design Engineer, I have a comprehensive knowledge of materials and processes, such as: injection molded plastics, sheet metal, Die Casting, molded Elastomers, Annealed Pyrolitic Graphite, platting and the processes needed to use these materials cost effectively.

      My capabilities include, performing thermal and vibration analysis and have a hands on working knowledge of Auto-Cad 2008, Pro-E, FlowTherm, ESC, SDRC I-DEAS Solids. Associated with my experiences are the responsibilities of performing investigative studies and team leadership in advanced packaging technologies. I have been an active member of R&D and Black Project teams at previous companies.

      Experience and packaging knowledge with the ability to complete the job on schedule and budget, earned me a supervisory position at Ericsson (EUS), Hazeltine, General Instrument and Republic Electronics Corporations. In the previous mentioned companies, I was made manager of the Mechanical Engineering, Design Drafting Department, and Model shop, with up to 20 engineers and designers, reporting to me.

      water Color Painting, wood working

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