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    Jan 12, 2015
    Sep 30, 2009
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    Manchester UK
    Mechanical Designer Freelance

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    Member, from Manchester UK

    Miguel@Aardvark3D was last seen:
    Jan 12, 2015
      1. Miguel@Aardvark3D
        I'm looking to expand my freelance activities. I'm pushing my business name out there so I can let those seeking a designer to work on their future products will know about me. Basically I'm offering 3D design and CAD services (2D drawings) and soon I will include 3D printing of those designs, as well as a general services. Contact me if you have any questions or know of someone that can use my services.
        Also, I have done work for people in the US, so as long is there are no issues hiring a mechanical designer located in the UK, by all means, contact me!
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      Home Page:
      Manchester UK
      Mechanical Designer Freelance
      United Kingdom
      Company Name:
      Aardvark 3D Limited
      Started in industry:
      I'm also trained on the use of MODO. I two 3D printers, a Formlabs Form 1+ and a Zortrax M200. as part of my mechanical design I am also offering 3D printed prototypes of products I design, and I'm happy to 3D print items you've designed or got off the web. Check out my website at www.aardvark3d.co.uk.
      I'm originally from the USA, Born in Phoenix Arizona, grew up in San Jose, California. I now live in the UK, currently living in Manchester UK.
      I'm a Mechanical Designer/Design Engineer with over 35 years experience working primarily in the design of 'High Tech' electronic enclosures.
      I also have over 25 years experience using CAD, mainly 3D CAD, and I'm currently using SolidWorks, and I have a licensed copy of SolidWorks. I'm also a MODO user.
      Additionally, I'm offering 3D printing services. I have a Formlabs Form 1+ and a Zortrax M200.
      Contact me if you'd like to get something 3D printed.

      3D Design and CAD, 3D Printing, digital photography.

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