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  • 10th Apr 2013: If you weren't a mech engineer, what would you be doing? ....& more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Apr 10, 2013.

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      [​IMG]How to set up your avatar
      Here's a video tutorial showing how to set up your avatar in the Mechanical Design Forum. It seems that many members haven't set up an avatar. An avatar is the small image that appears next to your posts in discussion topics. We really encourage you to set one up because it gives you a great opportunity to add a personal touch to your profile, and boost your presence in the Forum. It also makes the website more fun and interesting to use!

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      [​IMG]If you weren't a mechanical engineer, what would you be doing instead?
      Me? Either a music producer or maybe a TV director or editor or maybe something to do with SFX (but not CGI). Basically something creative with a technical twist. You?
      [​IMG]Different cross sectional area for beam
      how to determine the moment of inertia for different cross sectional beam like this? what is the best method to find the deflection?
      [​IMG]some questions in solidworks
      Can we insert a part into a part drawing? I said yes but my friend have some doubt.Is this right or wrong?
      [​IMG]O ring calculations.
      I would like to design a counterpart for a pressure sensor. The pressure sensor is the black one and the counterpart is the gray one. How can I find the dimension of the counterpart? In other words how can I find the X and Y dimensions? there is a O ring involved and I don't know how to handle O rings?
      [​IMG]centrifugal blower design
      How to calculate velocity of air and discharge in blower?
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      Unanswered questions
      [​IMG]Wax Mold release agent
      I'm trying to hand-make a rigid foam mold in which I will pour melted wax , before I do this I'd like to know what would be suitable as a release agent to coat the foam mold to prevent its adhesion with the wax. Any Idea?
      [​IMG]SolidWorks Simulation. How much does it cost?
      Anyone know how much SolidWorks Simulation costs? Just want a quick rough idea please.
      [​IMG]How to design a hydraulic cylinder?
      Please give a detail information about design, materials and pressure calculation of a hydraulic cylinder as much as possible. Looking forward to hear you all soon.
      [​IMG]Industrial design in automations systems and machines
      I am interesting to understand what kind of industrial design can have the products lines in automations systems and \ or machines? Why is important to have industrial design in these automations systems and \ or machines?
      [​IMG]Model repositories
      Which ones are your favorites for which types of projects and y? Some good places I've found for models:
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