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  • 10th Aug 2012: The clueless public, blow moulding, copper grain structure ...& more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Aug 10, 2012.

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      [​IMG]Engineered blow molding : Basic concepts
      Engineered blow molding offers a highly versatile process for fabricating parts. Effective designs for its blow molding take advantage of the inherent advantages of the process:

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      [​IMG]The public: not a clue about engineering?
      ...is a quote from this article about women and technology and why women don't want to be "geeks". I think it illustrates how in the UK there's a real distorted view of what engineering is. There are some non-technical people in the past I've attempted to explain what I do to, but they just don't "get" it. Amazing the amount of ignorance really.
      [​IMG]Mechanical Engineers with a PE
      Question for engineers with a degree in mechanical engineering: I have a degree in mechanical engineering and work as a design engineer with mostly mechanical systems. I passed my FE/EI exam. My question is does having your PE certification open a lot of doors for mechanical engineers? I know having your PE is critical for civil.....
      [​IMG]Bearing Anti wearing type
      I'm working on improvement of a screw conveyor that conveys dust (raw meal: limestone powder & Schist) in cement factory. The intermediate bearing (sleeve bearing) is being replaced every 3 months (2000 hours) due to wearing failure which costs a lot.....
      [​IMG]Injection moulded dish antenna with vacuum metalisation
      I'm considering making a dish antenna (130mm diameter) from a plastic injection moulding with vacuum metalisation. Three major issues: Dish profile needs to be very accurate ideally no more than +/-0.2mm deviation from the intended shape.....
      [​IMG]Mobile phones & heath risks....
      This is something I'm always worrying about, and I think there will be a major public health crisis in a few years due to mobile phones / wifi and all the other radiation from wireless communications. What do you lot think? Here's a report I was reading earlier....
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      [​IMG]Ingress Protection IP69K
      I am a future mechanical engineer, and In my Graduation project I should make a box composed of two parts: a housing and a cover between them I should make a removeble seal, this box should have an ingress protection IP69k. Please, do you have any idea about Seals that can ensure this requirement, their form, their material and their compression ratio.....
      [​IMG]What's your job function?
      In an attempt to find out a bit more about who actually uses this website I have added the following categories to the registration form. New members now need to select at least one option during the registration process......
      [​IMG]Mechanical design engineering hanbook site
      Maybe it will be a silly idea, but I fink about design engineering database-handbook site creation. In this site will be published something like: material standards, fitting element standards, short guides.....
      [​IMG]copper grain structure
      Can anyone tell me if annealed copper has a defined grain direction and, is so, how do you determine the direction?
      [​IMG]Can you categorise a designer with two simple questions?
      I’m interested in your thoughts on one of the features of an app and job board that I am involved with. (I think that with some development it could be a.....
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