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  • 11th Jun 2012: Human power gear calc, plastic eating mushrooms ....& more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Jun 10, 2012.

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      [​IMG]Human power gear calulation?
      Does anyone understand this, and is it correct? Shelton Brown has a way of calculating gear ratios that I do not understand.....
      [​IMG]I/O shaft step up
      We have a gearbox design at the university, and i wanted to ask about the I/O shaft, i designed the required diameter for the shaft, but when choosing a deep groove ball bearing.....
      [​IMG]Torque required to turn a stationary wheel
      I am looking for procedure for calculating the torque required to turn a stationary wheel. It's a simple arrangeement, a bicycle like fork with a rubber tire mounted over mild steel rim and a shaft is welded over the fork.....
      [​IMG]2 cylinder shaft join question. Can anyone help?
      how to make 2cylinder shaft join which this cylinder shaft can move right n left, n most importantly can turn to 90degree.....
      [​IMG]Belleville spring characteristics
      I have been working on designing something for a clutch which is pressed by a bellivelle spring. When clutch pedal is pressed, a linkage uses a leverage and works against the bellivelle spring......
      [​IMG]Electrically controlled hydraulic restrictor/throttle valve
      I am making a low cost engine dyno. The loading is achieved by a hydraulic pump for which I vary the restriction of the oil flow. See video of it in action here:
      [​IMG]Brass and aluminium plates, stainless steel screws = CORROSION?
      I have designed some equipment that must be exposed to the UK weather for a year or two (typically miserable, cold and damp 99.9% of the time, then ridiculously blasting hot of the other 0.1%). I have concerns about galvanic corrosion between th
      [​IMG]ISO/EN spec for free machining brass?
      Does anyone know the ISO/EN equivalent of UNS C36000 Free-Cutting Brass? Also, anyone know if there is a similar common grade of brass with a lower Iron content? I need to use this in a high magnetic field.....
      [​IMG]where do you search for parts?
      When you want to see if there is something that is readily available in the market, where do you look? I am a new mechanical design engineer in my first job. I work for a small company, we typically buy as much of parts as we can and make the others.....
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      [​IMG]CSA certification for foreign machinery
      I am seeking help mainly from Canadian engineers. I am developing a process that will operate in Montreal, Canada and that will feature offshore technology. Some plasma units (used to pulverize metal to a fine powder) and a few classifiers (fine centrifugal filtering process) will be.....
      [​IMG]thermosetting polymer composites?
      I am working for a company that is producing GRP pipes , We have a huge scrap yard , Has anybody any cost efficient smart idea to get use (recycle) these pipes?
      [​IMG]The friction coincidence of G10450 and HPb59-1
      I want to know how the friction coincidence changes in high temperature work condition. The wear combination will be G10450 and HPb59-1. Comparing to the low working temperature, work in high temperature for example 120 degree......
      [​IMG]is there anyone design the SMD carrierr taping machine?
      as the title the machine include test,rotate,vision and packing moudle... the product is SMD IC etc......
      [​IMG]Plastic Eating Mushrooms
      Found this, thought it was amazing. Original article is at: http://designtaxi.com/news/352659/Re...n-Eat-Plastic/ Yale researchers have discovered a type of mushroom that can eat plastic. During an expedition to the jungles of Ecuador, Professor Scott Strobel and his team......
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