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  • 16th Jul 2012: Car wheels, ball bearings, GD&T ...& more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Jul 16, 2012.

    1. GarethW

      GarethW Chief Clicker Staff Member

      Jul 2009
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      [​IMG]Ball Bearings: Guide to selection, applications & calculations
      This article helps mechanical engineers understand the selection of ball bearings depending upon the application and load conditions. Primarily the article helps you calculate the life of the bearing and helps you know how the designation number of the ball bearing helps you know the design, working nature and the physical property of the bearings......
      [​IMG]Aluminium car wheels: Manufacturing, materials & design considerations
      Here are some notes on car wheels that we put together a few years ago as part of a university project. These notes give some insight into the history, manufacturing processes, materials and design considerations relating to car wheels.....
      [​IMG]The advantages of using GD&T (General Dimensioning & Tolerancing) in your drawings – My Story Edit
      Here’s the job I was working on a long time ago – a massive granite beam held in place with M20 tie-rods in an anchor plate. The clearance holes in the beam were Ø30mm, so lots of room.

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      [​IMG]What material should I use?
      I need some suggestions on what material to use, hope you guys can help me.
      It needs to be an electric isolator, as rigid and stiff as possible without being brittle.I must be able to drill holes into it and put some pressure on it without it cracking and it needs to be as durable in -40 C as in +80C. I will use it in.....
      [​IMG]torque by manual rotation
      Hi! Can anybody tell me please that if a human rotates some thing for example gear manually (by his hand), how high torque can it apply manually. i.e., what proportion of his weight or any thing else
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      [​IMG]projects for students
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      [​IMG]does anyone have expirience exporting Inventor 2013 files to dstv?
      does anyone have expirience exporting Inventor 2013 files to dstv?
      [​IMG]Problems for designers in tolerance stackup analysis
      I am writing a program for tolerance stackup analysis, and I wanted to know kind of problems designers face with respect to existing softwares currently. For example, I found out that using GD&T and monte carlo simulations, many ASME 14.5 rules cannot be incorporated. Also the major problems with....
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    3. newbe

      newbe New Member

      Apr 2012
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      Hello Gareth, I was doing a drawing of a battery powered device to move a swing pool bulkhead (manually on a board), I was doing the drawing at half size to get good detail and be able to provide all the required dimensions. My boss was very unhappy as it reminded him of an incident where he drew a railway carriage coupling at half size when he worked for Queensland Rail. The workshop actually manufactured the coupling at half size so he decided not to let anyone working for to draw anythingat half size.
    4. GarethW

      GarethW Chief Clicker Staff Member

      Jul 2009
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      Interesting anecdote, newbe. I don't think there's anything wrong with drawing to scale so long as dimensions are shown clearly on the drawing and the drawing scale is clearly marked. If the manufacturer gets it wrong despite this then I'd say it's their own stupid fault!

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