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    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Jan 17, 2013.

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      [​IMG]Mechanical Design – How to make projects happen faster
      This article is a brief guide to improving the turnaround of both the mechanical design and sourcing of prototypes parts during the early stage of a product or technology development program. The process is mapped and priorities explained to reduce risk and improve overall project timelines.

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      [​IMG]Looking for an Mechanical Engineer to help build a Prototype
      I am looking for someone to partner with on a project. I don't have the tools or knowledge to built the prototype I need. This tool will be a game changer in a 15 billion dollar market......
      [​IMG]Twist Angle in Valve
      I want to design a valve operating worm gearbox. The output shaft is to be designed on the basis of Torsional rigidity.So please anybody tell me What Twist angle should be consider ?? I have considered 30/meter Is it right ???
      [​IMG]Radome Materials
      I'm looking for a good radome material with the following properties.
      Low dielectric loss factor. Good weather resistance and UV stability. Good impact resistance. -40 to +60°C temperature range.
      [​IMG]I or H tiles and bricks for stronger, lighter assembled structures
      I started discussing this idea in MDF first of all in the CAD forums 2D Drawings Gallery - Tessellated I - my simple technical drawing, coloured artfully - because initially I only had computer graphics images to show for my efforts - but I didn't get any replies to my topic there.
      [​IMG]How to position, precisely, the key with the Key Generator
      I use the Key Generator from the Design Accelerator and drag the red arrow to position the key under the gear. Numbers change, and when i position the key they disappear......
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      Unanswered questions
      [​IMG]Help with my Non-Standard Gears.
      This may be simple to some, but this is my first experience with designing gears, so bear with me... I'm trying to "cut" a spur gear to match the profile of the pinion gear I designed. This gear.....
      [​IMG]Spur gears wont mesh up
      I am fairly new to the hole solidworks thing (including spur gears). I am trying to get some gearing to work, but the gears just wont line up. The gears are evolvent module 4 and created by the toolbox (ANSI Metric > Power Transmissions > Gears > Spur Gear). The center distances.....
      [​IMG]Output torque required to run sand mixer..
      I want to design gearbox for sand mixer.But I want to calculate output torque require to run mixer. Please search image on google for getting idea about the sand mixer.....
      [​IMG]Spur Gears Simulation
      I have drawn the gears in CATIA V5. Now I want to simulate them.I tried so much.Two DOF remain at last. Which constraints are to be used to simulate it ?? Please help me.. ...
      [​IMG]Performance analysis of a Concentrating Solar Power system with Organic Rankine Cycle
      I have been asked to come up with a methodology for how to calculate actual performance of a CSP system with ORC. I can put any measurement device i want.....
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