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  • 18th Dec 2012: Motor assisted trike, negotiating with manufacturers ....& more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Dec 18, 2012.

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      Hi folks,

      Below is the usual digest of hot topics and unanswered questions, but first a quick reminder about our fantastic Christmas prize draw where you can win a SpaceMouse Pro 3D Mouse (worth £299 / 299 € / $299 ex VAT) from our friends at 3Dconnexion! Please also spare a few minutes to check our their new 3DxBlog and please do pop along to Facebook and Twitter to check them out there. Happy posting, good luck, and best wishes of the season to you!


      Hot topics
      [​IMG]Motor assisted Trike
      My son is afflicted with a form of muscular dystrophy called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). For that reason, I want to build him a modified tricycle where he can enjoy normal activities of riding outside.....
      [​IMG]Ceiling Fan Generator?
      In my quest to build a pedal powered generator, I have come to conclusion that I need a low rpm high voltage motor. And that I will probably have to build one out of a ceiling fan motor. Please point me in the.....
      [​IMG]Abbreviations for fasteners
      Trying to get from tribal knowledge to actually formalizing a document on abbreviation conventions for fasteners... (this goes hand in hand with my post on part numbering...
      [​IMG]Part Numbering and configuration management.
      New company, no rules! Yet...... I am curious as to learn different methods for creating a system for generating as well as managing part numbers in an engineering group. As with any system there are.....
      [​IMG]Vertical Centre of Gravity
      Just wanting to know how to get the Vertical Centre of Gravity of trailer mounted pump. I've found this link, but it is very sensitive.....
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      Unanswered questions
      [​IMG]Design of mechanical press machine
      I need a design of mechanical press machine, please any one knows some book or website where I can get it.?
      [​IMG]Help with negotiating with manufacturer
      I am a young design engineer out of UMD and I am working on selling a simple phone charger. I found on a product on Alibaba that I thought was very close to what I was looking to.....
      [​IMG]How to position, precisely, the key with the Key Generator
      I use the Key Generator from the Design Accelerator and drag the red arrow to position the key under the gear. Numbers change, and when i.....
      [​IMG]Silicone or crystacast give better detail?
      I am in the process of moulding some white metal plaques for cabin doors. They need to show quite fine detail and a little logo.....
      [​IMG]I cannot select the circular edge of the hub in the Key Generator
      I don't understand the meaning of the second reference in the hub section in the key generator, from the Design Accelerator.....
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