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  • 21st June 2012: Electromagnetism, SW or Catia, camera zoom mechanics ...& more

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Jun 21, 2012.

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      [​IMG]SolidWorks or Catia
      I am totally new to CAD softwares. I am going start learn CAD very soon and wanted to ask you guys which CAD software shall I start learning from, or which is better to learn and would be better for my future engineering careers.....
      [​IMG]Upgrading from 2010 to 2012...what am I in for?
      Curious to know how different the new version is from 2010. I am upgrading in a week or so.....
      [​IMG]Pro E wildfire 3 Surface modelling
      I am Umang dave. I work with Alstom, a french MNC. I am looking for in-depth surface modelling techniques.....
      [​IMG]torque by manual rotation
      Can anybody tell me please that if a human rotates some thing for example gear manually (by his hand), how high torque can it apply manually. i.e., what proportion of his weight or any thing else?
      [​IMG]zoom mechanism in camera
      I am studying about zoom cameras nowadays. But i want the opinion of anyone expert in this field or working in this field regarding the suitable mechanism used for providing.....
      [​IMG]Animate explode speed - TOO FAST!
      Even when I play it at 1/2 speed it's still WAY too fast to see what the hell's actually going on (4 seconds).Anyone know how to slow it down to sensible proportions?
      [​IMG]Semi Circle Reciprocating Motion Question
      I want to use a hydraulic cylinder to to rotate a shaft. This is a very slow speed motion. One end of the cylinder will be pinned to a fixed part of the structure.....
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      Unanswered questions
      Anyone here have an equation to predict the forces given by an electrotromagnet on an object based on wire size current and coil diameter? I want to replace a mechanical lever system and think this maybe a useful.....
      [​IMG]modelling spur gear in pro e by simple method
      I want to model spur gear with involute teeth profile in Pro E wildfire 3 and i cannot do this. I searched on net and got few tutorials but they do not work.....
      [​IMG]CSA certification for foreign machinery
      I am seeking help mainly from Canadian engineers. I am developing a process that will operate in Montreal, Canada and that will feature offshore technology. Some plasma units (used to pulverize metal to a fine powder) and a few classifiers (fine centrifugal filtering process) will be.....
      [​IMG]does anybody else do this hobby?
      Hi im working on a security and privacy enhancing project which modifies programs and technology. Some of the security measures are practically 100% anonymous internet access, custom network setups thatre more secure , hidden vaults safes.....
      [​IMG]Impulse with pendulum.
      I have question about Impulse with pendulum.
      Alpha (α)= ø ( Angular Velocity )
      Angular Acceleration α ̊= - (B/ml2)* α – (g/l) sin (θ)= f(t, θ, α)
      B – damping co- efficient.....
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