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  • 22nd Nov 2012: SolidWorks can be very irritating at times ...and more hot topics!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Nov 22, 2012.

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      [​IMG]SolidWorks can be incredibly irritating at times...
      This is the handy peice of advice I receive in the lower right corner of my screen... every 60 seconds!!!

      [​IMG]New in U.K (help a fellow find his way )
      My name is Mike. I am currently living in U.S.A and will be moving to U.K in 2 months. I have work experience in HVAC , some drafting ,CAD and some Solidworks.Due to the work load in past few years I have not been really able to get involved with new software and programs.....
      [​IMG]Custom design connection between steel plates [student question]
      I am looking for good advices in my student project. I need ways to connect two steel plates both 6x60 but the challenge is, it must be demountable and without any violations of structure both plates. It should carry the load of 20 kN......
      [​IMG]Need help optimising and solving loading in a pinned 3 strutted linkage
      I have quite a specific problem and I was hoping to get some help. Or maybe just some pointers regarding how to progress with this design challenge. Unfortunately it’s been a couple years since I last did and static loading and I don’t know how to get to a solution......
      [​IMG]mechanical system for segment (bar) translation and rotation
      I am trying to conceive a mechanical system, possibly a 4-bar linkage, which can displace a 150 mm long bar which is at 15 degrees angle from the vertical (position A on the image below) into the following position: up by 200 mm and to the right horizontally by.....

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      Unanswered questions
      [​IMG]Need a Roller Screw
      This question to anyone in India. I need to know from where can i get a Roller Screw of 1" pitch having a screw diameter of 0.5". It would be better if i can get one with standard dimensions close to the above stated one.
      [​IMG]Mechanism to excite or damp the vibration
      The portable wave generator will be generate electricity using rotating pendulum when the buoyant move up and down due to the waves passing through.The rotating pendulum will be placed on top of the buoyant. The rotating pendulum is to be made to.....
      [​IMG]Design of hydro turbine components
      I want to know if there's a book or reference to start off with design calculations for a hydro turbine and it's components, I just graduated and am working in turbine manufacturing company, kindly let me know if there is any reference or where should I begin.....
      [​IMG]Vertical steel processs tank-Shell plate buckling concern
      I have been assigned to design an open top process tank in general accordance with API 650. The tank diameter is 10200mm and the overall height is 10700mm. The material is carbon steel and.....
      [​IMG]Loading in a double-wishbone Car Suspension System
      I was looking at modelling on ANSYS one of the pin-jointed components in a Double-Wishbone Car Suspension. However, I am a bit stuck with how I would represent the component in 2D whilst including applied loading and boundary conditions. I understand that the pin-jointed structures try to restrict rotational movement in all three.....

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