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    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Jul 23, 2012.

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      [​IMG]Pro/Engineer: Inheritance feature tutorial
      Generally, when we use a cast component in an assembly, we are using the machined version of the component. Though the design of a machined component is sufficient for simple castings, the design for a cast component becomes necessary for some parts. In such.....
      [​IMG]Aluminium car wheels: Manufacturing, materials & design considerations
      Here are some notes on car wheels that we put together a few years ago as part of a university project. These notes give some insight into the history, manufacturing processes, materials and design considerations relating to car wheels.....

      Hot topics
      [​IMG]Slow RPM Alternator?
      I want to generate electricity for small batteries (maybe 16 amp hours needed) with pedal power, from a bicycle. And I need advice about what kind of generator to use.....
      [​IMG]Crank Torque/Piston Force Question
      Before I throw myself out of the office window could someone please help me out a bit here...I'm sure I used to handle these sort of calcs years ago but now I'm not sure of anything!

      Got a pneumatic press module here and I'd like to calc the force on the piston at 1mm from TDC, I've drawn it out here as clear as possible and it's like this:
      A formula I came across in many of the books I've been looking through said Fp = T/OM
      I worked out OM as OM=OC(Sin(17.13+4.34)/Sin(90-4.34); then transposed and came up with Fp=3935N

      Could some one please let me know if I'm along the right lines or am I going mad?
      [​IMG]Human power gear calulation?
      Does anyone understand this, and is it correct? Shelton Brown has a way of calculating gear ratios that I do not understand. http://sheldonbrown.com/gain.html Radius ratio x gear ratio = gain ratio But can it be applied to ground speed in reliable way? Or is it purely for comparison?.....
      [​IMG]projects for students
      Can u plz help me to list down various kind of small projects which can b given to undergraduate students ( b.tech) of final year. The projects should not be very costly to build and can involve 4-6 students as a team. Its important.....
      [​IMG]Need a blind self-clinch standoff ...but not the usual type.
      The image below shows the usual blind standoff that's commonly available. I want a similar blind standoff, but with the thread coming from the other direction, like in my 3D view below. Do they exist? Where can I get them?
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      Unanswered questions
      [​IMG]dimension relationships
      I'm new to SW (just started on 2010). i am trying to find out how you make one dimension dependant on another. In Inventor its just =d1*2 in the dimension box which means that if you change the dimension d1 the d2 dimension changes automatically. it's probably real somple but i cant find it in any help or on the net......
      [​IMG]Robot restaurant opens in China's Harbin
      Some pics here: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/photo/2012-06/21/c_131668602.htm
      [​IMG] Plastic Eating Mushrooms
      Found this, thought it was amazing. Original article is at: http://designtaxi.com/news/352659/Re...n-Eat-Plastic/Yale researchers have discovered a type of mushroom that can eat plastic.
      During an expedition to the jungles of Ecuador, Professor Scott Strobel and his team of researchers have found a new fungus that eats polyurethane (plastic). The fungi, called “Pestalo.....
      [​IMG]does anyone have expirience exporting Inventor 2013 files to dstv?
      does anyone have expirience exporting Inventor 2013 files to dstv?
      [​IMG]Problems for designers in tolerance stackup analysis
      I am writing a program for tolerance stackup analysis, and I wanted to know kind of problems designers face with respect to existing softwares currently. For example, I found out that using GD&T and monte carlo simulations, many ASME 14.5 rules cannot be incorporated. Also the major problems with....
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