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  • 27th Aug 2012: Telescopic light stand, FEA mentor, GD&T books ...& more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Aug 27, 2012.

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      Dear members,

      Below are the usual hot topics etc, but before that I have a couple of requests:

      What's your job function and what CAD system(s) do you use?
      Thanks to all who've updated their profile already! In case you missed the message I emailed out last week, I am attempting to find out a bit more about who actually uses this website. Please click HERE and select the categories that apply to you (don't forget to hit "SAVE" afterwards). Please select your job function(s) and the CAD system(s) you use. This info is not available to the public. Thanks for your cooperation.

      Any feedback on the MDF mobile app?
      Our iPhone and Android apps have now been available for the last 3 months or so (links below). What do people think about them? I have precious little feedback, so anything would be very much appreciated. Please click HERE to offer your thoughts.

      Best regards,
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      Hot topics
      [​IMG]Need help to construct telescopic light stand with motor
      So what we have is the studio light stand like this one. I need somehow mount a motor or servo or stepper to it, which will lift up and bring down the stand. I need to operate it from PC. All electrical schematics is not the problem for me, only I have problem with mechanical part. How should I attach the motor and how will it lift all the pipes up and down?.. I thought to put a threaded pipe inside or something.. but no idea how..
      [​IMG]Product design for emerging markets
      If you are responsible in introducing your products to emerging markets, what do you think are the major challenges involved in designing products for emerging markets?
      [​IMG] Looking for something called a "shoulder rivet"? Can anyone help?
      I am looking for a part called a "Shoulder Rivet" and I cant find a supplier for this part (so annoying!!). It looks like this: And the part is quite small. The only critial dimension is the actual shoulder "E" which needs to be 1mm. The head "A" could be anywhere from 6mm diameter to 4mm ... I dont care. lol
      [​IMG] FEA Mentor
      I have a small project where I need to design an aluminum part and also provide analysis for it. However my background is design not analysis and I could really use the help of of an expert willing to share their knowledge. I use Autodesk Simulation (formerly known as Algor). I have the model and have no problem with interface issues just need help with setup particulars and interpreting results for revisions. If you're interested in partaking I would be grateful and interested in bartering services. I do advanced modeling.....
      [​IMG] Car Seat belt webbing (Polyester) material
      Sorry if this subject is posted in the wrong part of the forum, but I could find anywhere else to post it. I was reading on another forum about somebody who was discussing seat belt defects and the members seemed to be argumentative rather than helpful to the person who asked for professional feedback. The poster asked about seat belt webbing in a damaged condition and wanted to know how to define the standard significantly weakened.....
      [​IMG]Geometric Tolerance Books Any recommendations for a good introduction to GD&T?
      I have a basic drawing reference book but need something that covers principals involved etc. What have you found useful? Do you use it all the time - or just for certain projects?
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      Unanswered questions
      [​IMG]Coatings Directory
      I have started a new job in Aerospace industry and am refreshing my knowledge of heat treatments, surface treatments and coatings, as I have not used them for years. Is there an up to date directory type book or resource that lists all or most surface treatments? I would need description of each process, properties, basic chemical composition, and most important how to produce each desired finish in brief detail...
      [​IMG]About test radius of cylinder spur gear
      Could anyone sketch a drawing and show me the test radius of the production gear mesh with master gear? Let me know how to calculate the test radius,I know AGMA 2000-A88,but can not understand.thanks.
      [​IMG]Hobbing machine [Heckert ZFWVG 250]information/Differential gear options
      I have a machine above. The number of teeth, what i need, is not availble through changing only E-F-G-H wheels. So i need information about differential gear changing opportunities, or technical documentation, or any information to solve this problem. I glad to see any solution. Thank you very much in advance.
      [​IMG] FEA Gravity function help
      I am using Inventor 2011 Professional. When I go to the Stress analysis and apply a load, do I need to apply gravity to the assembly to get an accurate result? I have tried running with and without gravity and it is having a dramatic effect on the results. Do I need to always run my simulation with gravity applied or not? I would like to understand the reasoning of the principle behind the force of gravity on an assembly.
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