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  • 27th Jan 2013: Novice design questions, corrosion, SolidWorks crashing ...& more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Jan 27, 2013.

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      [​IMG]novice design questions
      I don't have any fancy CAD software (its all way too expensive) and I'm not at all a professional when it comes to mechanical design- I'm looking to create a module that pops out of the top of my dashboard on my boat.....
      [​IMG]question in solidworks drawings
      if i created a 2d drawing from a 3d file in solidworks, and later on changed either the directory or the name of the 3d file, when i open the file of 2d drawing i find that all the views disappears and some hash lines are created....
      [​IMG]friction fitting with dry ice
      I need advice from an experienced person, I found some literature on friction fitting with dry ice but the first attempt failed miserably, the process that I used was, I measured the shaft, (1 1/4" precision 1044) it was 1.248".....
      [​IMG]Screw Torque
      What’s the formula to find torque required for screwing machine screw to plastic boss & also to metal insert.....
      [​IMG]Output torque required to run sand mixer..
      I want to design gearbox for sand mixer.But I want to calculate output torque require to run mixer. Please search image on google for getting idea about the sand......
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      Unanswered questions
      I am wondering if anybody knows which aluminum material is more resistant to corrosion a390 die cast material or 6061 extruded material......
      [​IMG]plastic moulding vs. aluminum moulding
      I have some experience about plastic moulding, but on experience on metal moulding/casting. I assume metal moulding is more expensive than plastic. What is rough difference of costs if we would use aluminum molding....
      [​IMG]Building a Hot Vacuum Press
      So I'm thinking of actually building this piece of equipment instead of purchasing it for upwards of $6,000, because it doesn't look that complicated. My education lies more along the lines of professional photography.....
      [​IMG]My SolidWorks keeps crashing, anyone seen this before?
      My SolidWorks keeps crashing on me when I'm opening CAD files. Maybe someone seen this before? My setup: Dell M6600 Laptop Workstation, i7 processor......
      [​IMG]The piston liquid dielectric media atmospheric pressure converter
      The utility model relates to an atmospheric pressure can be converted into kinetic energy of the device, especially the use of the liquid at atmospheric pressure will fill a vacuum to a certain height of the features......
      [​IMG]CCD window protos
      Anyone printing CCD windows in the US? Need a small 3-dimensional shape to use with an imager.
      [​IMG]H.P to pressure?
      I know there is no direct conversion for this as they are dissimilar units. One work the other force, but there must be a way to calculate this...
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