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  • 27th May 2012: Thermal articles, MDF apps, corrosion, a new forum feature ....& more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, May 27, 2012.

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      Dear members,

      Here's a digest of the latest forum activity for you. We've recently had a thermal article bonanza (links at the bottom) I hope you enjoy them.

      This weekend we upgraded the forum software and I would like to draw your attention to a really excellent new feature - the "Activity Stream". Basically you just click the "What's New?" button at the top of this page and you'll see exactly what I mean. This feature makes it MUCH easier to find the latest forum activity, presents everything in a much more logical way and allows you to filter the results.

      Finally, did I mention that we now have FREE iPhone & Android apps for this site? I'm sure I didn't. Oh, well I might have mentioned it once or twice. Click here for more info.


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      I have designed some equipment that must be exposed to the UK weather for a year or two (typically miserable, cold and damp 99.9% of the time, then ridiculously blasting hot of the other 0.1%). I have concerns about galvanic corrosion.....
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      I am looking to produce a structural model for a fuel cell stack. I would like to look at the load distribution throughout the assembly and at the seal deformation and stress. Does anyone have any experience of modeling something similar? It could be heat exchangers or anything with multiple layers of seals.....
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      [​IMG]Why companies prefer to show their apps on mobile?
      I first heard AutoCAD’s WS, then some other apps sprung up like mushrooms. Boeing even brought its nine decades of aviation innovation to iPad. Siemens is developing its app on mobile. Upgraded MC from GstarCAD was released, just name few.....
      [​IMG]Architectural Integration of solar energy - Help out by taking this survey
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      [​IMG]how to make an actual crane in matlab
      The project involves control design and implementation for a suspended object. A moving cart is attached to a motor to move a simple pendulum (see Fig. 1). The relevant system parameters are given below......
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      iPhone & Android apps now available FREE!
      Great news! We are delighted to announce that our FREE apps are now available for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.....
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      The thermal interface problem
      A few years ago solving an interface problem was just a matter of applying thermal grease. Things are much more complicated today. Not at least because the heat fluxes are increasing. The large.....
      Front-end Thermal Design
      The thermal design has from its early days and forward focused on the calculation accuracy problem. Great progresses have been made. The best methods nowadays have a quality beyond what is needed
      Getting Started with 3D Printing
      Here is a description of my recent experiences building a 3D printer and getting it up and running, for those that might be interested in this technology......
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