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  • 28th June 2012: Sports headgear foam, ball screw, leasing AutoCAD ...& more

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Jun 28, 2012.

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      [​IMG]Can Someone Tell Me About the Basics of Aluminium Extrusion?
      I've got to write a small article about aluminium extrusion design considerations and I was hoping someone might be able to help me (bearing in mind, I know absolutely nothing about the subject other than the handful of web pages I have read).
      [​IMG]Leasing AutoCAD
      I have a buddy who is striking out on his own, very commendable in this economy.. He is looking to lease Autocad, anyone ever done this? I dontfeel like contacing a reseller and dealing with the sales pitches... Anyone ever buy Autocad from another user and had licensing issues?
      [​IMG]ball screw
      According to my study of ball screw in catalogues of different manufacturers, i found that if we want ball screw of high lead/travel, the diameter of screw, length as well as diameter of nut will be large. Is there any solution or mechanism which can increase the lead of small screw diameter and nut diameter?
      [​IMG]zoom mechanism in camera
      I am studying about zoom cameras nowadays. But i want the opinion of anyone expert in this field or working in this field regarding the suitable mechanism used for providing.....
      Anyone here have an equation to predict the forces given by an electrotromagnet on an object based on wire size current and coil diameter? I want to replace a mechanical lever system and think this maybe a useful.....
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      [​IMG]Sports HeadGear Foam
      I'm looking for a foam similar to the one used in this mountaineering helmet, though not for the same application http://www.simond.com/shop/activities/a ... et---Grey/ This is a single piece foam with a gloss exterior surface. Is this made by an integral skin method? Also we need to stick a few 10gm parts.....
      [​IMG]Blue ARC
      Any body can introduction about GE blue ARC, it can be used for micro machining.
      [​IMG]CSA certification for foreign machinery
      I am seeking help mainly from Canadian engineers. I am developing a process that will operate in Montreal, Canada and that will feature offshore technology. Some plasma units (used to pulverize metal to a fine powder) and a few classifiers (fine centrifugal filtering process) will be.....
      [​IMG]Drawing of Sand Rotary Dryer
      I am looking for the drawing of Sand Rotary Dryer with three stroke as like the link below If anyone has this please share it with me.....
      [​IMG]design rectangular horizontal 1000 gallon tank with UL142 F
      I have problem to design rectangular horizontal 1000 gallon tank with UL142 FEPA standard. how can i decided the overall dimension? Wall plate thickness double wall tank ? Stiffener location & number of thickness? plz help me out for my educational project.
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