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  • 29th Nov 2012: Win a SpaceMouse Pro 3D mouse! ....and here are some hot topics!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Nov 29, 2012.

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      Win a SpaceMouse Pro 3D mouse!

      Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is coming so here's your chance to win a SpaceMouse Pro 3D Mouse from our friends at 3Dconnexion! For your chance to win this seriously cool prize all you need to do is follow the simple instructions listed HERE. You can find out more info about the SpaceNavigator 3D mouse (worth £299 / 299 € / $299 ex VAT) over at the 3Dconnexion website. Please also spare a few minutes to check our their new 3DxBlog and please do pop along to Facebook and Twitter to check them out there. Happy posting, good luck, and best wishes of the season to you!

      Click HERE to find out how to enter the prize draw

      Hot topics
      [​IMG]Best way to position components in all available degrees of freedom
      I would be interested to hear how would you mount/fix 2 square blocks of let's say aluminium on a flat base plate so that they are positioned accurately (down to 1um, 0.5mrad or less) in all degrees of freedom. These blocks will be fixed to the base so I suspect there are 4 degrees of freedom which needs to be somehow defined. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
      [​IMG]SLM Laser 3D printer
      This article is pretty cool! It is about Nasa is using a 3D printer for fabricating Rocket parts. The printer uses metal powder as ingredient. And by laser heating the powder, it form a metal part which shape could be very complex. Personally I doubt the strength, but watch the video and you'll see how it works.
      [​IMG]Coming back to ID with a bang - Project recommendations?
      The moment I left University I stopped Product Design in the physical form. It was tricky to get in where I wanted to with such an engineering based degree so decided to go on my own. Slowly my paths merged into digital design through print, corporate design, front end web, 3D visuals and currently into User Experience. I miss solid modelling every so much and have invested in a 3D printer to get back into the swing of things (a Form1 for the RP heads).
      [​IMG]How to calculate power of wind turbine?
      I need help How to calculate power of wind turbine?
      [​IMG]Are brighter headlights helpful? Or hurtful? Or a statement?
      This is a discussion topic only. I do not think we are going to overturn marketing decisions that sell cars. But I do think it warrants discussion and I'd like to hear what others think. Do headlights need to be better, as in brighter? For many years, with poorly lit.....
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      Unanswered questions
      [​IMG]Turn mechanism used in scoping devices
      Can somebody please help me with the turning mechanism used in scoping devices. The one that is used with the device in the video .....
      [​IMG]Rotating using Increments
      What I am trying to do is difficult to explain bit I will give it a shot. I am currently working on a product, that when finished it will have a cap that will concentrically rotate in inrcrements around an inner part, (see attached image) As in the attached image I have shown the inner part with the tooth that will grip into an opposing.....
      [​IMG]Backhoe Design - Open Source - Please Review the Design
      Open Source Ecology designs machines and publishes the documentation openly so anyone can build and use them without restriction. We are asking the world to review our backhoe design before we build the first prototype......
      [​IMG]Food production equipment
      I am looking for a piece of equipment to be designed and built for my business. I need something to apply salts and seasonings to our snack products. The salts and seasoning flow needs to be consistent. I have no idea where to start and appreciate any help. Thanks!
      [​IMG]solid file of lamborghini cars
      i'm working on lamborghini cars for 2 weeks i want to calculate drag coefficient with solid works i need 3D solid cad of lamborghini cars.if u know how to find and download it help me please
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