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  • 2nd Oct 2012: 2500W Boiler pot, making hardened tools, enclosure design ....& more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Oct 2, 2012.

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      [​IMG] Enclosure Design Book
      I have been asked assist with the design of an enclosure. I have done a fairly extensive search but found no suitable guide books. The enclosure I had in mind was going to be sheet metal and need to be about 500mm^3. This is not an electrical enclosure (lots of books)....
      [​IMG]Where can I buy a 2500W Boiler Pot
      I need to source some boiler pots to use to add latent heat loads to a vehicle for air conditioner performance testing. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy these somewhere? All I'm finding on the internet is kitchen appliances and none like what I need.....
      [​IMG] Quick connector to be added to a BSP thread.
      Is anybody aware of a quick connector that can be added directly on to a BSP thread creating an air tight seal? This is to be incorporated into our production plant where we test hydraulic components. Each time we test one of the products we connect 10 hoses to pressurise.....
      [​IMG]Please help! Where is "Show dimension names" in Options?
      I'm not a newbie in SW - just refreshing things I didn't use often for certification exam.. I have SW Premium 2010 SP1.0 Design table tutorial says: "Click Options.....
      [​IMG]Linear Electromechanical actuators design
      Linear Electromechanical actuators in which ball/roller screws are used can be categorized to the following categories: Type1-Rotating nut and moving screw, Type2-Moving Nut and rotating screw. Does any one know what.....
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      [​IMG]Document of plate bending machine
      I am studying to design a plate bending machine, but i have no any document. So anybody have any document upload for me please! Thanks!
      [​IMG]Spiral Bevel Gear Design Instruction
      I want to design spiral bevel gear with shaft angle 100 degree. please help me that from which standard and instruction I can use ? if u have file or reference please inform me.....
      [​IMG]what will work? coiling help needed
      I have design a simple coiling table unit to do some coiling work. this is done using 2 motors which run in anti clockwise direction. two strings are then tighten to the motor so it turns in the same direction.....
      [​IMG]Variable speed rotary movement design help
      This is my first thread on the forum and my background is really software engineering but I enjoy different DIY projects I do. One of the biggest problem so far I have a real challange with is designing a.....
      [​IMG]methods in making hardened tools
      As part of my job, I sometimes require special tool that I don't have. It would be great to make them myself, and more importantly harden and temper them to tool steel quality. Anyone have a suggestion as......
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