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  • 5th Sep 2012: Shear pin, design of wings, turbo charger ...& more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Sep 5, 2012.

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      [​IMG] stress in thick walled cylinders
      Am designing a pressure connection, to the following nominal dimensions: outside dia = 30mm, inside dia = 20.7 (wall thickness 4.65mm), internal test pressure = 172N/mm^2, working pressure = 120N/mm^2.....
      [​IMG]Coatings Directory
      I have started a new job in Aerospace industry and am refreshing my knowledge of heat treatments, surface treatments and coatings, as I have not used them for years. Is there an up to date directory type book or resource that lists all or most surface treatments? I would need description of each process, properties, basic chemical composition, and most important how to produce each desired finish in brief detail...
      [​IMG] For 3D Modeling of mechanical parts which is the best software? I need help
      For my mechanical company i want 3d modeling for my project need. but i don't about 3d modeling software so which is the best in market?
      [​IMG]Deciding which CAD software is best to learn next (After Solidworks)
      I need a bit of input here. Throughout school, we used Solidworks as our CAD package, but rarely do I see job adverts that list it as a requirement. Rather they always choose AutoCAD. Not to sound boastful, but I consider myself quite an advanced user of Solidworks. Now I'm looking to learn the next best thing.....
      [​IMG]Could you please give me some instructions about the drawing?
      I'm not English speaker, I'm not sure I've understood the instructions in the drawing (that is showed below) correct or not. So, please help me by giving other explanations. About the instructions number 3 at the bottom left side, what does the sentence "Inside diameter ma be blended at sec A-A" mean, I'm not sure what the word "blended" indicates. The problem is this, we finished the production.....
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      [​IMG] Shear pin design
      Background: To prevent too much torque having to be transmitted through the gearbox on a gate valve, a shear pin is to be fitted between the hand wheel and the gearbox spindle. When a certain torque is reached the pin should rupture and no torque transmitted. See attachment for reference.....
      [​IMG]Hnc in Mechanical design Engineering
      I have just completed a Hnc Engineering course i am 38 years old, I am looking to work as design engineer. I am currently working as a sheet metal worker for a small company and do 2D autocad and solidworks as and when needed. My question is would i be qualified to apply for design engineer roles with a Hnc or would I have to follow a different route any help would be.....
      [​IMG]Design of Wings
      Dear friends, I want to place a small flap on the Airfoil trailing edge. How can i do it by solid works?
      [​IMG] Turbo Charger
      Hi, I am new here and i want to ask if there is a turbo charger design used by marine vessels that has no nozzle ring? Any help would be greatly appreciated.....
      [​IMG]Help please with stainless steel pipe
      We have a design of stainless steel pipe with a bend radius of 1.6 The OD of the pipe is 47mm and the wall thickness is 3mm. Can anyone tell me if this is possible please? I am pretty sure the SS is austenitic. I have worked with ss before and min bend radius is 2 also we are working to......
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