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  • 6th Jan 2013: Announcing the 3D mouse winner ....& hot topics etc!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Jan 6, 2013.

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      Congratulations to mvalenti who is the lucky winner of the SpaceMouse Pro! Thanks once again to 3Dconnexion for sponsoring the prize draw one again.

      Happy New year to all. As usual below is the usual hot topics and unanswered questions.

      Hot topics
      [​IMG]3D mouse, is it so good?
      I've tried 3D mouse long ago with AIX operating system. It was a little odd, because I couldn't "program" buttons and therefore I had to use ordinary mouse in same time. That was not so good....
      [​IMG]GDTP Sr.level exam - Can anybody share some tips&hints?
      I'm going to take GDTP SR level exam by the end of the month and looking for practical tips and hints of those who actually took the exam recently.....
      [​IMG]Design of mechanical press machine
      I need a design of mechanical press machine, please any one knows some book or website where I can get it?
      [​IMG]Which rendering software gives the best bang for buck?
      We are trying to decide which software to purchase to do our marketing images. It's important that the images look identical to professional.....
      [​IMG]Part Numbering and configuration management.
      New company, no rules! Yet...... I am curious as to learn different methods for creating a system for generating as well as managing part numbers in.....
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      Unanswered questions
      [​IMG]Exhaust and engine accoustics for asthetics and performance
      This is all in relation to a 90 degree v8 I am looking for the highest frequency/note/tone/pitch I can get. I very much enjoy the higher, crisper.....
      [​IMG]FAG 6206zz J22 question
      I have a problem regarding FAG 6206zz J22. My question /problem is: What does mean 'J22' code? I'm waiting your answer.....
      [​IMG]Performance analysis of a Concentrating Solar Power system with Organic Rankine Cycle
      I have been asked to come up with a methodology for how to calculate actual performance of a CSP system with ORC. I can put any measurement device.....
      [​IMG]How to position, precisely, the key with the Key Generator
      I use the Key Generator from the Design Accelerator and drag the red arrow to position the key under the gear. Numbers change, and when i position......
      [​IMG]Silicone or crystacast give better detail?
      I am in the process of moulding some white metal plaques for cabin doors. They need to show quite fine detail and a little logo.....
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