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  • 7th Dec 2012: Ceiling fan generator, Vertical CoG, cswe .....& more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Dec 7, 2012.

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      Hi folks,

      Below is the usual digest of hot topics and unanswered questions, but first a quick reminder about our fantastic Christmas prize draw where you can win a SpaceMouse Pro 3D Mouse (worth £299 / 299 € / $299 ex VAT) from our friends at 3Dconnexion! Please also spare a few minutes to check our their new 3DxBlog and please do pop along to Facebook and Twitter to check them out there. Happy posting, good luck, and best wishes of the season to you!


      Hot topics
      [​IMG]Ceiling Fan Generator?
      In my quest to build a pedal powered generator, I have come to conclusion that I need a low rpm high voltage motor. And that I will probably have to build one out of a ceiling fan motor. Please point me in the right direction for more information. You tube is confusing but interesting......
      [​IMG]3D mouse, is it so good?
      I've tried 3D mouse long ago with AIX operating system. It was a little odd, because I couldn't "program" buttons and therefore I had to use ordinary mouse in same time. That was not so good. During those days I also had a Windows 2000 PC and driver crashed W2k... But I've become courious about people's experience about working with CAD and 3D mouse. Is it worht of that?.....
      [​IMG]How to transfer cuts from assembly level to part files
      I made an assembly and later added cuts at the assembly level, but the part files didn't reflect the changes. How to transfer the cuts to the part files?
      [​IMG]Vertical Centre of Gravity
      Just wanting to know how to get the Vertical Centre of Gravity of trailer mounted pump. I've found this link, but it is very sensitive to accuracy.
      [​IMG]Best way to position components in all available degrees of freedom
      I would be interested to hear how would you mount/fix 2 square blocks of let's say aluminium on a flat base plate so that they are positioned accurately (down to 1um, 0.5mrad or less) in all degrees of freedom. These blocks will be fixed to the base so I suspect there are 4 degrees of freedom which needs to be somehow defined. Please correct.....
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      Unanswered questions
      [​IMG]properties.txt and property tab builder
      Anyone using the properties tab builder if so, I need some assistance? My version of solidworks 2012 does not seem to have the properties.txt file that the tutorials are referring to...
      I'd like to sit the SolidWorks CSWE exam. The idea pleases me and I think I'd get a lot from the process of preparing for it. I'm looking for constructive advice on how I might go about said preparation. I have the pre-requisite CSWP's and can see what SolidWorks has on thier site about it (not a lot). However, although.....
      [​IMG]Game table for Eurobot - free Creo 2,0
      Here is an interesting 3D game table built with a free software http://robotx.ro/index.php/101-eurob...e-table-design
      [​IMG]Where to start?
      I'm a mechanical engineer by trade, but I'm coming to realize that I love the industrial design side of product development.Where should I start to make the transition from very technical work to a more creative field? All of my design experience is with solidworks.....
      [​IMG]How to calculate bladder Accumulator sizing for Francis turbine & MIV Control System
      I am having problem while considering Oil required from Accumulator for operation which is calculated by one complete stroke of servomotor ( i.e Close-Open-Close). So volume of either.....
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