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  • 8th Feb 2013: What's this called?, Dyson's at it again ....& more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Feb 8, 2013.

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      I don't have any fancy CAD software (its all way too expensive) and I'm not at all a professional when it comes to mechanical design- I'm looking to create a module that pops out of the top of my dashboard on my boat. I have everything figured out except for the system that raises and.....
      [​IMG]Dyson's at it again...
      Uh oh, Sir Jimbo's made something else super-expensive and hideously complicated. I'm with the Daily Mash on this one
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      I am a newby on this forum. I need some advice. I recently bought a used milling machine (1979 Burke Millrite, very nice) it is now in my basement on a wooden pallet. I want to place it on....
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      Can any one help me since iam having problems with breakage of chassis for flat body trailers. The beams used are H beams of 18 inches height.The max load of trailer is 40 tons.Any design will be a great.....
      [​IMG]SolidWorks or Catia
      I am totally new to CAD softwares. I am going start learn CAD very soon and wanted to ask you guys which CAD software shall I start learning from, or which is better to learn and would be better for.....
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      [​IMG]Calculate gear strength
      I would like to know how strong my designed gears will be. Is there anyone who can help me out with these calculations? It will be a 18tooth involute (evolvent) gear in module 4. The tooth surface will be 40mm deep (or 50mm if needed) and it will be.....
      [​IMG]How is the swirling effect generated
      First off sorry if this is the wrong section to be asking this question. But, I was just reading this article (http://www.packworld.com/machinery/f...9D-effect-tube), and I was wondering if.....
      [​IMG]What's This Called?
      Sorry for this newbie question but I am wondering what kind of bearing housing it is in this picture? the nozzle would be essentially powered by.....
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      I need some help measuring thermal flux through a condensing surface. I came across some very standard heat flux sensors such....
      [​IMG]Building a Hot Vacuum Press
      So I'm thinking of actually building this piece of equipment instead of purchasing it for upwards of $6,000, because it doesn't look that complicated. My education lies more along.....
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