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  • 8th Mar 2013: Thermal resistance, Hollow shaft stepper, orthographic views ...& more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Mar 8, 2013.

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      I discovered this forum a few days ago, and I thought it could be the place to get some help. For a little project, we will build a stacking of 3 wooden box (10x10x6 inches).......
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      I have just started my course and having some trouble on something that's sure to be a required skill as I progress......
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      [​IMG]Industrial design and ergonomics of cars
      I search after websites or other information about industrial design of cars and ergonomics of the work space in the car.....
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      [​IMG]Thermal Resistance Calculation for a heat sink.
      I am facing one problem in heat transfer. In one of my projects, I have to calculate heat transfer capacity (or Thermal Resistance) of a particular heat sink. I have to check whether.....
      [​IMG]Develop3D Live
      Anyone coming to Develop3D Live (UK) this year?
      [​IMG]About steam turbine made by ASME codes
      Any body konw steam turbine made by ASME codes? The 45 MW back pressure steam turbine made by ASME code, can anybody give me some information about what should I care about in designing this turbine...
      [​IMG]Spur Gears Simulation
      I have drawn the gears in CATIA V5. Now I want to simulate them.I tried so much.Two DOF remain at last. Which constraints are to be used to simulate it ?? Please help me.....
      [​IMG]CCD window protos
      Anyone printing CCD windows in the US? Need a small 3-dimensional shape to use with an imager......
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